Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

Wisdom from the Past

Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

Wisdom from the Past

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Six Rides far Successful Farm Practice

Adapted from the Orginial Rules Proposed by Glenn Frank

(Note: This gem is published anonymously because the ediotr is not quite sure from which state newsletter he clipped. If the author can be determined, he will be given credit in another issue.)

Thave found something I never expected to find. I have founda set of "rules for successful work" which I think will apply without a single change to every sort of worker and to every sort of work.

The six rules fro successful work which I have found, differ from much of our professional "success" literature in that they are not offered as a magic formula that will make you a millionaire before you are 30 or money refunded. They are offered as being simply the ABC's of effective work in any job, big or little.

1. Make Your Project in Writing. This forces you to be clear about your purpose. If you merely mull it over in your mind all sorts of loopholes in your logic will escape you. Most of us do not realize how foggy our ideas are until we try to write them down in clear and simple sentences.

2. Compare Your Plan With the Methods of Most Successful Farmers and the Recommendations of Agricultural Colleges. It is always wise to check your own plans against the plans other men or boys have followed successfully when they faced similar problems.

3. …

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