Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Palestinian Affairs

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Palestinian Affairs

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Oct. 18: The Palestinian Authority (PA) decided to shut down and reorganize Islamic charitable organizations in the West Bank. The decision affected zakat committees, which the PA stated were aiding Hamas supporters in the territory. Hamas said that the decision was akin to declaring war on needy Palestinians. [JP, 10/18]

Oct. 20: Two Palestinians, one a young man and the other a boy, were killed during the fourth day of an intense firefight in Gaza City between Hamas security forces and the Hilles clan, which was loyal to Fatah. Three days earlier, two members of the Hamas force and a member of Hilles were killed in the fighting. The firefight broke out after the clan refused to return a government-issued car to Hamas. [AP, 10/20]

Nov. 7: Hamas convened the first meeting of the Palestinian Parliament since the group took control of the Gaza Strip in June. With 40 Hamas parliamentarians in Israeli jails and Fatah refusing to participate, only 28 of the 132 Members of Parliament attended the session in Gaza City. However, seven Hamas members called in from the West Bank and many jailed parliamentarians sent proxies, ensuring that the meeting had a quorum. [JP, 11/7]

Nov. 10: A mausoleum was inaugurated at the site of Yasir 'Arafat's burial site in Ramallah. Constructed with glass and beige Jerusalem stone, the structure was placed amid water and railroad tracks, which were meant to symbolize its temporary nature. The mausoleum was designed to be moved to Jerusalem following the creation of a Palestinian state. [Reuters, 11/10]

Nov. 12: Seven Palestinians died in a gunfight that erupted at a rally in Gaza City commemorating the anniversary of Yasir 'Arafat's death. Hamas security forces were thought to have fired into the crowd, sparking the violence. Hamas reported that it was first fired on by Fatah loyalists and was only responding in kind. [BBC, 11/13]

Nov. 27: A demonstrator was killed by Palestinian security forces during a large anti-Annapolis peace conference protest in the West Bank city of Hebron. …

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