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COACHING CORNER: No More Snorting Steeds

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COACHING CORNER: No More Snorting Steeds

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Many leaders miss the point that a lot of leadership isn't about them. It's about their people. Of course, they may get the kudos when their people come up with great ideas, when they drive new initiatives and when they deliver exceptional results. But any praise a leader receives doesn't alter the fact that their leadership is a reflection of how their people perform.

This may be a big relief to some who have been brought up to think that big leaders have to be charismatic heroes. What I'm saying here is that to be a great leader, you don't have to try to be a champion on a snorting steed. In fact an altogether more effective way of achieving results is to simply start having conversations with people that help them get excited and engaged in the future that they are creating.

It is also worth emphasising that the best leaders don't develop their people as followers. In fact the reverse is true. They develop their people as leaders - and that means believing that their people have the energy, the skills, the knowledge and the initiative to succeed in whatever projects they are doing. It's their job to create the space and belief for that to occur.

No small talk...have a BIG conversation

As I have suggested, the way you can start to get people stepping up to their own leadership potential is by engaging them in powerful conversations. These aren't any old conversations; they are conversations that are aiming purposefully to create leadership in the other person. And here are some guidelines as to how to have them.

1. Know exactly what big conversation you want to have, what big requests you want to make and make sure the other person is engaged. …

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