Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Cycle of Five Troubadour Songs

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Cycle of Five Troubadour Songs

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ABBREVIATION KEY: Diff = difficulty level; V = voice; P = piano; E = easy; mE = moderately easy; M = medium; mD = moderately difficult; D = difficult; DD = very difficult; Tess = tessitura; LL = very low; L = low; mL = moderately low; M = medium; mH = moderately high; H = high; HH = very high; CR = covers range; CS = covers staff; X = no clear key center.


Cycles, Sets, and Singles

BULLOCK, EDMUND BARTON (b. 1956). CYCLE OF FIVE TROUBADOUR SONGS. Based on 12th Century Provençal and Languedoc Poems translated into English by Ezra Pound. E. B. Bullock (ASCAP), 2002 (CVR, 2006). Tonal; A^sub 3^-B[musical flat]^sub 5^; Tess: mL-mH; regular meters; slow to medium tempos; V/mE-mD, P/mE-M; 19 pages. Soprano.

I. "Vermeil, Green, Blue, White, Cobalt" (Arnaut Daniel). A-D major; D^sub 4^-F#^sub 5^; Tess: M; 2/2, Andante tranquillo; V/mE, P/mE; 3 pages.

II. "Planh for the Young English King" (Bertrand de Born). F# minor; A^sub 3^-D^sub 5^; Tess: mL; 4/4, Lento maestoso; V/M, P/mE; 4 pages.

III. "Alba, from Langue d'Oc" (Anonymous). Mixolydian; D[musical flat]^sub 4^-B[musical flat]^sub 5^; Tess: CR; 7/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, Lento, tempo rubato (come una recitative); V/M, P/mE; 2 pages.

IV. "Blandula, tenulla, vagula" (original poem by Ezra Pound). G[musical flat] major; D[musical flat]^sub 4^-B[musical flat]^sub 5^; Tess: mH; 4/4, L'istesso tempo; V/M, P/M; 5 pages.

Growing up in Louisiana started Edmund Barton Bullock on his way to becoming a Francophile. After graduating from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a bachelor's degree in piano performance, he went to Paris to continue his studies at the Paris Conservatory. After studying and concertizing in France, Mr. Bullock became a permanent resident and moved to the area of Toulouse where he taught piano and composition. In 1999 he began a collaboration with the Académie des Jeux Floraux de Toulouse, founded in 1323 by seven troubadours whose goal was to continue the lyrisme courtois (courtly love) tradition of the quest for the sublimation of love. The Jeux Floraux (Floral Games) have been celebrated on May 3 every year since the society's foundation, making it the oldest literary society in the western world. …

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