Academic journal article Journal of Electronic Commerce Research

Profiling Research Published in the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research

Academic journal article Journal of Electronic Commerce Research

Profiling Research Published in the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research

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This article endeavors to profile the types of research published in the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (JECR) from 2000 to 2007. An analysis of the published material includes examining variables such as citation analysis, universities associated with the most publications, geographic diversity, authors' backgrounds, subject areas most often investigated, and research methodologies. Like other profiling research, this work has implications for researchers, journal editors, universities, and research institutions. Since this work has utilized variables published in a previous study, the findings will allow a comparison to be made between JECR's profile and other Information Systems (IS) journals. Also, as this is the first profiling work for any Electronic Commerce Journal, it is thus likely to form the basis and motivation for profiling other journals in this area.

Keywords: JECR, E-Commerce, IS Research, Meta-Analysis, Research Paradigm, Research Profile

1. Introduction

Since its inception, the development and growth of Electronic Commerce (EC) has experienced both sudden ?boom. and ?bust. phases for a number of reasons. Since the bust phase, both industry and academia have been attempting to understand the reasons for failure, and utilizing such reasons as lessons to assist with the building of successful electronic commerce ventures. This has led to enormous academic and research interest from various disciplines, such as information systems, business, management, marketing, economics, and psychology. This multi disciplinary interest is helpful in understanding the multi-dimensional/faceted view of electronic commerce and has resulted in a large number of EC-related publications appearing in a variety of journals. In order to provide indicators of EC research trends, such publications have been reviewed and classified by a number of previous studies (eg. Chua et al. 2005, Ngai & Wat 2002, Kauffman & Walden 2001, Wareham et al. 2005). In addition to the miscellaneous journals publishing EC related material, a number of journals dedicated solely to addressing EC issues have emerged since the late 1990s (e.g. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, International Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Electronic Markets). Although previous articles have appeared that profile EC publications appearing in non-EC specialized journals [Ngai & Wat 2002, Kauffman & Walden 2001, Wareham et al. 2005], the publications appearing in specialized EC journals have yet to be profiled. It is considered an important and useful activity to profile research publications appearing in a particular journal (especially in the emerging phase) as it helps to identify major research issues and research paradigms [Palvia et al. 2007], where such profiling is likely to help authors, reviewers, and editors of the journal [Avison et al. 2008] to produce balanced and quality publications.

The Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (JECR) is a highly regarded journal for publishing electronic commerce research. Within two years of its launch, a study by Bharati and Tarasewich [2002] ranked it fourth in "overall quality in publishing E-Commerce research". Since then it has continually developed its international reach and has evolved both in terms of quality and quantity of output. With reference to journal publications, profiling is considered to be an art of introspection that aims to benefit a specific audience and takes a journal towards the right and balanced direction [Palvia et al. 2007]. For the benefit of JECR.s audience, this paper provides an overview of research published in the journal, and which is intended to help them to appreciate and identify topics worthy of research and publication [Palvia et al. 2007]. Also, such efforts will provide a valuable addition towards the efforts exerted by Ngai & Wat [2002], Kauffman & Walden [2001], and Wareham et al. [2005] for understanding and developing the area of EC research. …

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