The Competition of Spirit: In Pursuit of the Light

Article excerpt

THE COMPETITION OF SPIRIT: IN PURSUIT OF THE LIGHT. Robert A. Moss, 2007. Pp. 153 + ix, pb, $15.00. Reviewed by J. Harold Ellens.

Moss's book is innovative and bold. He declares at the outset that this book is not for everyone. It is nor for those considering whether Christianity is right for them or for those just starting their Christian lives; nor for those comfortable in their current, state of faith. It is not for the institutional church or for those who wish to believe that by their goodness they will gain eternal life through Christ; or for those who wish to maintain the belief that they are special and the center of the universe. Rather it is for folk who wish to see Jesus Christ as the center of all creation ancl the only special one; for the true believers in Christ that wish him to rule their lives every day. This is spiritual meat, not milk, and it forces the reader to evaluate his or her life and flush out the obstructions to authentic spirituality. It compels us to take a serious look at our human nature and what it means to pursue Jesus and eternal life in a genuine way. …


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