Career Opportunities In. Banking, Finance, and Insurance/Engineering/Journalism/Law and the Legal Industry/Photography/Television and Cable/The Visual Arts

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Career Opportunities in... Banking, Finance, and Insurance, by Thomas Fitch (267 pages)

Engineering, by Richard A. McDavid and Susan EchaoreMcDavid (321)

Journalism, by Jennifer Bobrow Burns (315)

Law and the Legal Industry, by Susan Echaore-McDavid (310)

Photography, by George Gilbert (226)

Television and Cable, by Allan Taylor and James Robert Parish (383)

The Visual Arts, by Richard P. Clark and Pamela Fehl (224). 2007. New York, NY: Ferguson Imprint of Infobase Publishing $49.50 each, Hardback

[This is a 31-book series that covers all of the major career areas.]

Intended Audience(s): L

Major Headings from the Table of Contents:

Each book in the series begins with a Foreword, followed by an Industry Outlook, Acknowledgments, and suggestions for How to Use This Book. The series borrows its composition from how each of the industries is organized.

For example, the book on Television and Cable echoes the organizational structure of the industry with the following chapter headings: Advertising; Arts and Design; Cable/Satellite Television; Directing; Education; Engineering; Management and Administration; News; Performing; Producing; Programming, Public Relations, and Marketing; Technical Production; Writing

The book on Banking, Finance, and Insurance is organized according to different financial services offered and includes the following chapters: Banking; Accounting and Corporate Finance; Insurance; Investment Banking and securities; Money Management

The book on Journalism is organized around different media and types of writing: Newspapers; Magazines; Specialized Writing and Reporting; Other Writers; Television; Radio; News Media; Strategic Communication; Education

How Is the Book Most Useful for Its Intended Audience?

Experts in their fields are the authors of this series of books. Each is a well-organized and comprehensive introduction-both for job seekers and career practitioners-to career opportunities within the industries covered.

The Top Five Things You Learned from Reading this Book:

There are a variety of occupations in different industries, ranging from the creative to the technical.

Practical tips for preparing to enter the industry and various occupations within the industry

Advice for those exploring occupations in different industries

The range of skills and personalities that are needed for the various occupations

Where to find out more about finding work in the various occupations and industries

I reviewed seven books in the series: Banking, Finance, and Insurance; Engineering; Journalism; Law and the Legal Industry; Photography; Television and Cable; and the Visual Arts. Each of these books is organized in the same way, making it easy to research occupations across different industries. One of the distinguishing features of this series is its use of industry experts as authors which lends credibility to the advice and information they offer to readers.

The authors provide a practical and comprehensive look at the broad spectrum of careers that are available in their respective industries. Since the authors have first-hand experience working in the industries, readers are given an insider's perspective that is absent from most occupational guides. The advice is tailored to those individuals who are thinking about careers in one of the industries, as well as those individuals who are already working in the industry and are thinking about making a move within the industry.

For each position, readers are given an overview/profile of the work, picture of the typical career advancement/ladder, description of the position, salaries, employment and advancement prospects, required education and training, experience, skills, and personality traits, as well as professional affiliations and tips for breaking into the profession. This summary information is followed by a more in-depth treatment of each of these job areas. …


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