Gallery of Best Cover Letters: A Collection of Quality Cover Letters by Professional Resume Writers

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Gallery of Best Cover Letters: A Collection of Quality Cover Letters by Professional Resume Writers, by David F. Noble 2007. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works 404 pages, $18.95, Softcover

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Major Headings from the Table of Contents:

Best Cover Letter Tips: Myths, Tips for Writing Cover Letters, Tips for Polishing your Cover Letter.

The Gallery of Best Cover Letters: How to Use the Gallery, Cover Letters by Career Fields.

Best Resume Tips: Writing Strategies, Design and Layout, Writing Style, Samples; List of Contributors, Occupation Index, Resume Index.

How Is the Book Most Useful for Its Intended Audience?

Thorough and comprehensive resource for career professionals and job seekers.

The Top Five Things You Learned from Reading this Book:

As a career services professional I found the sample professional cover letters the most helpful tool.

How to address sensitive issues, i.e. downsizing.

Suggestion on how to explain confidential job search.

Omit salutation and use subject line if recipient is not known.

Ways to play down experience that may threaten a prospective employer.

Use a testimonial-a quotation from a former boss or team member in cover letter.

Written communication is a top skill employers seek today. Employers want the best employee, and job seekers want prospective employers to know that they are the best. To connect the two, communication is necessary. How? Through an effective, powerfully and perfectly written cover letter, partnered with a resume meeting the same standards. The cover letter can be the key tool in a job search to get the desired result of an invitation for an interview. In Gallery of Best Cover Letters, David Noble does an expert job in communicating how to achieve a well-written cover letter with illustrations from successful job seekers. The book outlines vital information on construction, content, and editing. Starting with the Introduction, the information is in three parts, including a section on how to create a resume with the same high standards. Purpose, reasons, and strategies are the chapter themes. The samples are cover letters used by actual job seekers with successful results. Noble achieved this by reviewing the work from professional resume writers, which ensures that the user is viewing accurate, well-developed cover letters. Vital information is provided on how the reader can use the book effectively and efficiently.

Best Cover Letter Tips gives an overview of the purpose and development of the cover letter. In the section Myths about Cover Letters, the reader learns more about the necessity of a cover letter. For example, it emphasizes that the relationship between the resume and cover letter is to work together, connecting and complimenting each other rather than functioning as two independent documents. Many of the myths stated would appear immediately false to a seasoned career professional. However, with a global community of job seekers, or a new person entering the work force, these may not be as apparent. An explanation is given to help understand the refuted myth. It does not take long to write a cover letter or it does not take long to print are some examples of the myths debunked to provide a more realistic expectation of the cover letter preparation process.

In the section on Tips for Writing Cover Letters, the author discusses information for writing cover letters. Career professionals would agree that this is the most important section, and employers would state the most welcomed. Why?, Who?, What?, and How? are stressed as the underlying elements of the best cover letter. Strategies are offered to illustrate the sample cover letters. …


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