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Chronology: Lebanon

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

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2002 Jan. 24: Former Lebanese warlord and minister Elie Hobeika was killed in a car explosion that also killed three of his bodyguards. Hobeika, former head of the Christian militia, was held responsible for the Sabra and Chalita massacres in September 1982 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Lebanese authorities blamed Israel. [BBC, 1/24; NYT, WP, WSJ, 1/25]

Feb.1: Lebanese authorities seized as much as 2,500 kilograms of hashish in a crackdown on drug farms in the Bekaa valley. [BBC, 2/11

Feb. 13: The trial of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon before a Lebanese court began while a Belgian court was expected to sue Sharon for the Sabra and Chatila massacres. Palestinian witnesses testified before the court that Sharon was overseeing the operation conducted by pro-Israeli Christian militias. [BBC, 2/13]

Feb. 26: Lebanese authorities had started a large-scale crackdown on the poppy fields in the Bekaa valley. Cultivation of opium had increased due to the failure of alternative crops. [BBC, 2/26]

Mar. 12: Six soldiers were killed and six others injured when an Israeli patrol came under fire in northern Israel, next to the frontier with Lebanon. Two of the attackers were also killed. An al-Aqsa Brigades group claimed responsibility for the action, and no evidence was found that the gunmen came from Lebanon. [BBC, 3/12; NYT, WP, 3/13]

Mar. 28: Arab leaders met in Beirut for the Arab League summit. PA chairman `Arafat, whose presence was thought to be critical, stayed in Ramallah. Egyptian President Mubarak and Jordanian King `Abdullah did not attend the summit, during which Saudi Crown Prince `Abdullah made public his plan for reaching peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and during which Iraq agreed on a document that formally ended the conflict with Kuwait. [BBC, NYT, WP, WSJ, 3/29]

Mar. 31: Israel warned Syria it might be targeted due to its alleged support to Hizbullah. Israeli Minister of Defense Ben Eliezer accused Syria of authorizing the Lebanese militia to launch attacks on the northern border of Israel. [BBC, 3/31 ]

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