A Checklist of First Editions of Beethoven's Works in the Collection of the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies

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SINCE ITS OPENING IN 1985 WHEN IRA BRILLIANT DONATED SEVENTY-FIVE FIRST EDITIONS TO SAN JOSÉ STATE Univerity, the Center has amassed the largest collection of first and early editions of Beethoven's music in the United States. Although we continue to acquire and catalog at a steady pace, we have decided that it is time to publish a checklist of first editions currently in the collection. Listed below are the first editions as they have been identified in the Kinsky/Halm thematic catalog (1955) and Kurt Dorfmüller's "Supplement zum thematisch-bibliographischen Verzeichnis von Kinsky-Halm" in the Beiträge zur Beethoven Bibliographie (Munich: Henle, 1978), including those which were published after Beethoven's death in 1827. Also listed are English editions which were identified by Alan Tyson as appearing simultaneously or in some cases earlier than the first publication on the continent (see his "Authentic Editions of Beethoven Published in Great Britain" in the Beiträge, p. 196-203). We have not included the earliest editions published in France or other countries (although we do own many of these as well), as more research needs to be done to determine publication dates for these editions. (The one exception to this is the French score edition of the Fourth Fortepiano Concerto, which predated the first German edition by at least a decade.)

The editions are listed chronologically within genre categories (e.g., Symphonies; Fortepiano Sonatas), following the categorization in The New Grove Beethoven. Space considerations prevent us from providing full bibliographical details here, but we have included basic information to identify the edition (city of publication, publisher, date, and plate number). Question marks follow publication dates when the precise year of issue has not yet been determined. For ensemble or chamber music, we indicate whether the edition consists of a full score, vocal score (for works for voices and orchestra in which the orchestral accompaniment has been reduced for fortepiano), or instrumental parts. The term "score" is also used to identify solo vocal works with fortepiano accompaniment. Missing or additional parts in the Center's copies are noted. If the copy owned by the Center differs from the detailed descriptions found in Kinsky/Halm or Dorfmuller's "Supplement" or matches a variant cited in either of these sources, we have included that information.

For those wishing to obtain more detailed descriptions of the Center's first and early editions, we refer you to the continuously-updated Beethoven Bibliography Database (http://www. music.sjsu.edu/Beethoven/Database/ database.html). The Database includes full descriptions of about half of the Center's collection of 2,000 editions from Beethoven's lifetime and the later nineteenth century. By using the Opus or WoO number in the "Scores by Opus" index and limiting by publication date or publisher, Database searchers will quickly locate these descriptions. For information on other editions not yet in the Database, or to order photocopies, please contact the Curator, Patricia Elliott Stroh (408-924-4706; pelliott@email.sjsu.edu). The charge for photocopies is 20¢ per page plus postage. To estimate the number of pages, please consult the Kinsky/Halm catalog or the Beethoven Bibliography Database, or contact the Curator.

First Editions in the Collection of the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies

Ia. Symphonies

Symphony No. 1 (Opus 21), C Major

Parts. Vienna: Hoffmeister; Leipzig: Bureau de musique, 1801. PN 64.

Score. London: Cianchettini & Sperati, 1809. PN 26.

Score (First German edition). Bonn and Cologne: Simrock, 1822. PN 1953.

Symphony No. 2 (Opus 36), D Major

Score. London: Cianchettini & Sperati, 1808. PN 25.

Score (First German edition). Bonn and Cologne: Simrock, 1822. PN 1959.

Score (First German edition). Variant, with "Adagio molto" at head of first movement and metronome markings. …


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