Academic journal article The Beethoven Journal

Recent Special Acquisitions (1998-1999) at the Beethoven Center

Academic journal article The Beethoven Journal

Recent Special Acquisitions (1998-1999) at the Beethoven Center

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THIS SELECTIVE LIST DESCRIBES FIRST EDITIONS OF BEETHOVEN'S MUSIC AND OTHER SPECIAL MATERIALS acquired by the Beethoven Center in 1998 and 1999. Also listed are rare early editions, and later editions of bibliographic interest, that are not cited in either Georg Kinsky and Hans Halm, Das Werk Beethovens: Thematisch-bibliographisches Verzeichnis seiner sämtlichen vollendeten Kompositionen (1955), or Kurt Dorfmüller's Beiträge zur Beethoven-Bibliographie (1978), or of which no other extant copy has been traced.

With the support of members of the American Beethoven Society, the Center acquired the rare first edition of the Fortepiano Concerto No. 4 in a complete set of parts. This special edition was added to the collection in memory of Marina GusakGrin, a fine pianist and teacher who inspired many students through her love of Beethoven's music. With our sincere thanks we list the donors to our "Gusak-Grin" fund below. We also honor longtime ABS board member Doug McLendon by placing an early edition of the Pathétique Sonata in the collection under his name. The list below also includes special editions from the collection of scholar Alan Tyson, which the Center acquired through antiquarian dealer Lisa Cox.

The Center now owns 276 first editions and approximately 1,710 early editions of Beethoven's music.

1. First and Early Editions

Opus 1, no. 1. Fortepiano Trio in E-flat Major. London: Broderip & Wilkinson [1805]. Fortepiano part only. From the collection of Alan Tyson.

Opus 1, nos. 2-3. Fortepiano Trios in G Major and C Minor. Frankfurt: Dunst [1837]. First editions of the scores, from Dunst's Oeuvres complets de piano.

Opus 6. Sonata in D Major for Fortepiano, Four Hands. London: G. Walker [18191. Watermark 1819. Kinsky/Halm date: "?1818."

Opus 13. Fortepiano Sonata in C Minor (Pathétique). Mainz: Zulehner [after 1800]. Placed in the collection in honor of Doug McLendon.

Opus 26. Marcia funèbre sulla morte d'un Eroe (third movement from the Fortepiano Sonata in Á-flat Major). Stockholm: Ebeling [ca. 1823]. Previously printed in the journal Musikaliskt Tidsfördrif, in 1805. This edition not listed in Kinsky/Halm or Dorfmüller.

Opus 38. Trio in E-flat Major for Fortepiano, Clarinet or Violin, and Violoncello, arranged by Beethoven from the Septet, Opus 20. Frankfurt: Dunst [after 1830]. First score edition, from Dunst's Oeuvres complets de piano.

Opus 43. Overture to The Creatures of Prometheus. Leipzig: Peters [after 1814]. Titelauflage of the first edition of the orchestral parts published by Hoffmeister & Kühnel in 1804. Copy lacking "(du Ballet gli uomini di Prometeo)" below "Ouverture" on the title page.

Opus 46. "Adelaide." Amsterdam: Theune [ca. 1830]. Title page illustrated with an engraving of a woman. Not listed in Kinsky/ Halm or Dorfmüller.

Opus 47. Sonata in A Minor for Violin and Fortepiano ("Kreutzer"). Frankfurt: Dunst [after 1830]. First score edition, from Dunst's Oeuvres complets de piano.

Opus 52. Eight Songs. Vienna: Kunst und Industrie Comptoir [1805]. First edition.

Opus 56. Triple Concerto. Vienna: Haslinger [after 1826]. Titelauflage of the edition published by the Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie in 1807, with altered plate number S.U.C. 4030H.

Opus 58. Fortepiano Concerto No. 4. Vienna and Pest: Kunst und Industrie Comptoirs [1808]. First edition of the solo and orchestral parts. Gift of members of the American Beethoven Society in memory of Marina Gusak-Grin.

Opus 61. Violin Concerto. Vienna: Steiner [1826], Violin part from a reissue of the first edition (lacking title page), bound with a manuscript containing three cadenzas by Ferdinand David (1810-1873), in the hand of Dutch violinist A. J. Wetrens (1822-1899). These cadenzas were possibly transcribed by Wetrens during his studies with David in Leipzig from 1852 to 1857, and differ in some respects from the printed editions of David's cadenzas. …

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