Academic journal article The Beethoven Journal

Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books and Music Editions (1998-2001)

Academic journal article The Beethoven Journal

Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books and Music Editions (1998-2001)

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The following descriptions of books and scores recently acquired by the Beethoven Center are intended to aid readers in selecting new publications that appeal to their individual interests. Part I, Books for the General Reader, encompasses biographies, histories, repertory guides and other reference books, and introductory texts appropriate for the music student. Part II, Books for the Specialist, lists books with a highly analytical or philosophical focus intended for readers with substantial knowledge of music. In those cases where authors have identified their books as being for the general reader or specialist, we have utilized their categorizations. Part III lists critical editions and other selected scores. All publications are paperbacks unless otherwise noted.

I. Books for the General Reader

IA. Books in English

Alai, Fariba Joubine. Beethoven Glorified in Statues. London: Homa, 2000. 79 pp. ISBN 0-95381090 -00 -9. £10 ($15).

This slim paperback describes sixteen busts and monuments made during Beethoven's lifetime and into the late twentieth century. It includes some of the best-known works, such as the busts by Franz Klein and Josef Danhauser, the Hähnel monument in Bonn and its counterpart by Zumbusch in Vienna, and the modern concrete sculpture erected in 1990 at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn. Also described are the metal bust by Ferncorn in the "Beethovensruhe" in Heiligenstadt and the statue by Weigl in Heiligenstadt Park. Most of the selected statues are located in Germany and Austria, with the exception of the Schaller bust now at the British Library and the eighty busts and statues of Beethoven by Bourdelle, many of which are in Paris. The book contains fine photographs of most of the statues, some in color.

Baker, Christine L. Beethoven, My Immortal Beloved. London: Minerva Press, 1998. 496 pp. ISBN 0-75410-110-X. £11.99 ($18).

In this work of fiction, protagonist Joanna Ashleigh's infatuation with Beethoven leads her across the boundaries of time and place in pursuit of a romantic relationship with the composer. Through dreams and fantasies of her young adulthood, she discovers that she was Beethoven's Immortal Beloved. Beethoven materializes in Joanna's modern world and they marry and have a child. But in Beethoven's second life he is free of deafness and his earlier physical and emotional sufferings. Before the end of his reincarnation he composes a magnificent new symphony, whose second movement is "the music of a man fulfilled, a man whose heart is expressing contentment rather than yearning."

Berlioz, Hector. A Critical Study of Beethoven's Nine Symphonies with a Few Words on His Trios and Sonatas, a Criticism of "Fidelia, " and an Introductory Essay on Music. Translated by Edwin Evans. Introduction by D. Kern Holoman. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 2000. xvii, 165 pp. ISBN 0-252-06942-0. $15.

Berlioz first published his Beethoven essays in the journals Revue et Gazette musicale and Journal des Débats. Some of these were subsequently reprinted in his first book, Voyage musical ( 1844) and again in the more extensive collection, A Travers Chants, Etudes Musicales, Adorations, Boutades et Critiques (1862). Berlioz began writing music criticism at age twenty-eight and contributed hundreds of insightful and witty essays, some of which are only now being collected and republished in the series Critique musicale. This volume is a reprint of the Beethoven essays translated into English by Edwin Evans and first published in 1913. Holomon's new introduction provides a brief review of Berlioz's Beethoven criticism.

Caplin, William E. Classical Form: A Theory of Formal Functions for the Instrumental Music of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. New York: Oxford University Press, c1998, 2001. xii, 307 pp. ISBN 0-19-514399-X. $29.95.

This is a paperback reprinting of the book first published in 1998 (see this journal, Vol. 13, no. …

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