Academic journal article Antipodes


Academic journal article Antipodes


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Later, as we were being suspended from school,

we were instructed to consult our consciences

"If you ever mean to return to this place...."

The dark hallway ran with outlandish rumors

of our expertise, who had disabled

the History Teacher's scooter. Where the road

curved past the school he accelerated

straight into the lake among the ducks.

It hadn't been his bossy irritation

or the murder of his dull monotone

these, and other crimes, we had forgiven.

It was what he did to noisy Amy (who

had Down Syndrome and adored her chickens),

bringing a dead Bantam into class,

hanging it from the ceiling: 'This a lesson

for girls who should not talk unless diey're asked.'

When she ran from the classroom he had smirked

and written a lesson on the Boer War.

We liked Amy's cooing gentleness

and smile that forgave all we might do. …

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