Building the Pipeline - Diversity in Agricultural Education through Junior MANRRS

Article excerpt

It's often said that agriculture" is a dying field;" "young people aren't interested;" "it's not a lucrative career;" "it's hard to find good candidates from diverse backgrounds." Have we ever asked ourselves why this is? How can agriculture be a dying field if we eat and wear clothes everyday?

Cow, Sows, and Plows? How about Fashion & Apparel? Human Nutrition? Environment? Hospitality? Technology? Agri-business? Research, Law Enforcement, LEADERSHIP?

Through the National Society for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS), we are changing the face of agriculture by linking hands around the world and building the pipeline to agriculture through Junior MANRRS chapters established across the country.

Jr. MANRRS is one of the cornerstones of the National Society for MANRRS. Its lasting success is anchored in how our young students are exposed and cultivated at a critical point in their educational matriculation (upon entering high school). Junior MANRRS is a pre-collegiate outreach program initiative of the National Society for MANRRS for urban high school-aged and younger students to expose them to career pathways, leadership, and educational possibilities in the food, agricultural, environmental, and related sciences. As junior MANRRS members, students get the opportunity to attend local and regional workshops, and national conferences where they participate and compete in public speaking, poster research, written essay, and other contests. …


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