The C. H. Van Schooneveld Collection in the Leiden University Library: Editorial Correspondence and Documents Relating to Mouton & Co., the Hague, and Other Papers in The

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Jan Paul Hinrichs with Contributions by A. Th. Bouwman. The C. H. van Schooneveld Collection in the Leiden University Library: Editorial correspondence and documents relating to Mouton & Co., The Hague, and other papers in the fields of Slavistics and linguistics. Bibliotheca Universitatis Leidensis Codices Manuscripti XXXI. Leiden: Leiden University Library, 2001. viii, 240 pp. Notes, illustrations, appendices.

"A life for books," is a phrase that best sums up the interesting intellectual calling of Dr. C. H. van Schooneveld, who dedicated a considerable portion of his academic career to the field of scholarly publishing. About a decade after his retirement, Dr. van Schooneveld donated his personal archive to his alma mater, the Leiden University Library. Much of the archive focuses on the work that van Schooneveld did as an editor for Mouton & Co., which, according to the author, is one of the most influential scholarly publishing houses in the Netherlands. The author, Jan Paul Hinrichs, wrote this book to provide an overview of the material and documents available in the archive that document van Schooneveld's work as an editor for a number of important Mouton series.

During World War II, after completing his Bachelor's degree, van Schooneveld worked in the Leiden University Library cataloging the collection of his mentor, the late Nicolaas van Wijk. Upon completion of his Doctorate in Slavic Languages and Literature, van Schooneveld studied and taught at the University of Oklahoma, Harvard, Leiden, Stanford and finally, Indiana University. He retired from teaching in 1986 and currently lives in Vozerier-Amancy, France. While his academic training and teaching career followed a fascinating geographic path, the focus of this monograph is on his relationship to the publisher Mouton & Co. and his contributions to published scholarship in the fields of Slavic studies and linguistics.

From 1954 until about 1986 van Schooneveld served as editor and driving force behind three Mouton & Co. series: Slavistic printings and reprintings, De proprietatibus litterarum and Janua linguarum. Under van Schooneveld's leadership, 1024 distinct titles were published in these series. …


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