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The economic analysis of international law is the new development of international law theories in last decade. Based on existing references, this thesis intents to promote application of economic analysis of international law in China with pluralistic ways of research (for examples, political, legal and economic) in order to understand the contemporary issues of international law and to have new ideas. The part I is a brief comparison between domestic and international laws from economic perspective, and then a description of applicable economic analysis for international law with an emphasis of its theoretical and practical significances. The part II is focused on Coase's Law & Economics as the basis of economic analysis of international law. The part III to V provide with a few examples of economic analysis of international laws, i.e. law of international economic organization, international environmental law and international humanitarian law. The conclusion is given finally.

Key words: theory of international law, economic analysis, law of international economic organization, international environmental law and international humanitarian law

Résumé: L'analyse économique de la loi internationale est le nouveau développement des théories de la loi internationale dans la dernière décennie. Basé sur des références existantes, cette thèse tente de promouvoir l'application de l'analyse économique de la loi internaionale en Chine avec des méthodes de recherche pluralistes(par exemple, politique, légale et économique) afin de comprendre les problématiques contemporains de la loi internationale et de s'en faire de nouvelles idées. La partie I procède à une comparaison brève entre les lois domestiques et internationales sous l'angle économique et à une description des analyses économiques applicables aux lois internationales en mettant l'accent sur leurs significations théoriques et pratiques. La partie II se concentre sur la Loi de Coase&Economie qui sert de base d'analyse. De la partie III à la partie V, on trouve des exemples de l'analyse économique des lois internationals, par exemple, la loi internationale de l'organisation économique , la loi international de l'environnement et la loi internationale humaniste. Enfin, la conclusion est dégagée.

Mots-Clés: théorie de la loi internationale, analyse économique, loi internationale de l'organisation économique, loi internationale de l'environnement et loi internationale humaniste


It could be traced back 1930s when the economic analysis was applied for domestic laws. 2 It has been more than thirty years since Richard Posner published his famous book Economic Analysis of Laws in 1973.3 But, it was the recent development in last decade that economic analysis was applied for international laws. In spring of 1995, a symposium was held in the United States to discuss the economic analysis of international laws, and then the collection of seventeen papers was published entitled as The Economic Dimension of International Law focused on international trade laws from perspectives of micro-economics, normative economic analysis, game theory and theory of public choice. As the matter of fact, people began to apply economic analysis for international law when the World Trade Organization (WTO) was established in 1995 due to global harmonization of the trade laws and policies. For example, Professor John Jackson, the chief editor of book Legal Problems of International Economic Relations 5 , was widely regarded as one of the institutional designers of the WTO. He prefers economic analysis of legal issues in respect of government regulations of international trade based on traditional theory of comparative advantages and modern theory of market failure. He encourages applying the New Institutional Economics of two winners of Nobel Rewards of Economics, Professor Ronald Coase and Professor Douglas North, for the research of future development of the world trading system. …


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