Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

An Aesthetic Analysis of the Artistic Conception in Zhang Yiqing's Documentary/ANALYSE ESTHETIQUE DE L'INSPIRAITON DES DOCUMENTAIRES DE ZHANG YIQING

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

An Aesthetic Analysis of the Artistic Conception in Zhang Yiqing's Documentary/ANALYSE ESTHETIQUE DE L'INSPIRAITON DES DOCUMENTAIRES DE ZHANG YIQING

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Since televised documentaries began to popularize in China in 1990s, their artistic value has gradually exposed to people's attention. This paper studies the artistic conception of documentaries by analyzing the representative works of Zhang Yiqing. It mainly discusses the key points about artistic conception in Chinese traditional aesthetic and philosophy; the narrative style of Zhang Yiqing's documentaries(the theme, structure, and details) and the philosophical argument content; the television language(the commentary, off-screen voice, music, and stunts) using in his documentaries, and also its reference significance to traditional documentaries.

Key words: artistic conception; Zhang Yiqing; documentary

Résumé: Le documentaire télévisuel prend l'essor depuis les années 1990. Dès lors, le documentaire dont la valeur esthétique se révèle de jour en jour tire l'attention du grand public. J'ai choisi l'oeuvre de Zhang Yiqing comme exemple pour étudier l'esthétique de l'inspiration du documentaire. Cet essai traite principalement : des opinions essentielles issues de la recherche esthétique et philosophique sur l'inspiration ; les moyens de narration du documentaire de Zhang tels que le thème, la structure, les détails et la philosophie ; l'utilisation du langage télévisuel du documentaire de Zhang comme le commentaire, la voix off, la lumière et le truquage ; l'influence sur le document traditionnel.

Mots-Clés: inspiration, Zhang Yiqing, documentaire

The value of documentary lies in recording the history, reflecting the reality and enlightening the future. The artistic value of documentary has gradually exposed and people have been paying close attention to it. The theory of documentary has fallen to an extreme since 1990s: the restoration of the material reality. Many more people consider it as a direct recording, and a documentary is only a simple copy of an event. The human theme and the study of human is the topic of art. If life is only to delineate, it will certainly lose vitality. Only if the documentary style break away from the pure purpose of documentary and seek the sublimated artistic conception, can it achieve eternal artistic value.

Zhang Yiqing, now the documentary director of Hubei Television Station, is famous for the creativity, aesthetic features and abundant humanism in his documentaries. The diary on the red carpet, Set out for a long journey, the director, the world of Zhou, and Ying and Bai have won many prizes both at home and abroad. By studying these works, we can find the narration, structure, editing, techniques using in documentaries and the relationship between the thoughts and artistic conception creation the writer wants to express, we can also find out the ways of expressing the beauty of artistic conception so as to draw some rales and instructions for the future documentary production.


Visual culture and its aesthetic phenomenon constitute the main part of the present culture; they exist everywhere in our time.

The beauty of pictures is an important factor of visual aesthetics. As far as Chinese aesthetic interest is concerned, the beauty of a picture closely relate with its artistic conception. No matter it is a movie or a picture of a sop opera or of an advertisement, the sense of artistic conception is the main factor of its artistic charm.

Chinese traditional aesthetic thoughts of artistic conception are that artistic conception is a kind of beauty out of words and out of pictures. As for the form styles of beauty, it is elegant, simple fresh, and delicate. As for the ways of expression, it is wining and reserved. As for the relationship between form and content, it is feelings come from forms, images, and words, spiritual content weighs more than forms. As for the features of people's feeling it gives, it can't be digested over once but seems has permanent flavors. …

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