Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Management Efficiency and Its Measuring Methods/L'EFFICACITÉ DE LA GESTION ET SES MÉTHODES DE MESURE

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Management Efficiency and Its Measuring Methods/L'EFFICACITÉ DE LA GESTION ET SES MÉTHODES DE MESURE

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What is management efficiency and how to measure it which is a subject that isn't resolved scientifically in the world of academe. The authors of the paper, to start with researching quantity of management, think that management efficiency is quantity of information communicating finished by a manager in a unit time and on the basis of which put forth corresponding method of measuring management efficiency.

Key word: management efficiency; essentials of management; method of measuring

Résumé: Q'est-ce que c'est l'efficacité de la gestion? comment peut-on la mesurer ? c'est une question qui n'est pas encore résolue dans le monde académique, l'auteur de cet article, en commençant par l'étude de la quantité de la gestion, pense qu l'efficacité de la gestion est la quantité des informations communicatives accomplies par un gérant dans un temps déterminé, d'où viennent ses méthodes de mesure correspondes.

Mots clés: l'efficacité de la gestion ; l'essentiel de la gestion ; la méthode de mesure


Economical modernization depends on managing modernization. In the final analysis, economical lag is lag of management. With expansion of our country's economy reformation unceasingly, "management brings benefit" and "benefit comes from management" have become the common viewpoint of many people in management science field. The primary task of management lies in realizing the organic combination of

a variety of resources or factor of production, and the combination status determines the utilization efficiency of each factor of production. Based on the thinking, in fact, it is essential task of economic system reform of all-sided enforcement at present to optimize combination of factor of production and to realize the reasonable allocation and high efficiency operation of the resource.

However, owing to various reasons, tradition management is also chief management way in all departments and industries in our country. Moreover, one of the most limitation of tradition management is low management efficiency. Such low management efficiency has already become serious restrict factor of society and economy development in our country. Thus, the management efficiency problems are important ones for us to solve. Luckily some scholars have done definite study. For instance, literature [1] pointed that management efficiency came down to work efficiency, and used below formula to express:

Where: η is the work efficiency

N^sub CP^ is the number of events completed within given period

N^sub NCP^ is the number of events to need complete within given period

This formula in a certain extent can be used to illuminate status of work efficiency. But in practice application, usage of this formula exists some limitation. Firstly, there are many effect factors to deal with a piece of event, such as, original status of this event, circumstance factor and personal factor and so on. Secondly, at the same condition of effect factor, event to need complete is big or small, also difficult or easy. Thirdly, hard or enjoy is odds, a piece of event may be completed by a management unit or a management group. How to distribute the workload is a question that needed to solve. Herein this, this paper will proceed with the effect factors of management efficiency to study the essential of management activity. Based on the study, the corresponding method of measuring management efficiency is expatiated.


What is the essential of management activity? Different management scientists have different opinions, but those cannot handicap to understand essential features of management activity.

To realize these questions rightly, we need to know the task, function and goal of management. The task of management is to realize the organic incorporation of a variety of resources or factor of production, and the function of management is that the organization staffs realize to identity organization goal through varieties of manner. …

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