Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on New Product Development: Based on the Process Innovation of Organization/ETUDE DU DEVELOPPEMEMNT DE NOUVEAU PRODUIT : BASÉE SUR LE PROCESSUS D'INNOVATION DE L'ORGANISATION

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on New Product Development: Based on the Process Innovation of Organization/ETUDE DU DEVELOPPEMEMNT DE NOUVEAU PRODUIT : BASÉE SUR LE PROCESSUS D'INNOVATION DE L'ORGANISATION

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The global pressures of modern market are placing an ever-increasing emphasis on the rapid development and introduction of new products. In view of the importance of new product development to the survival and development of enterprises, this paper proposed how process innovation effects the new product development in organization by developing a theoretical model based on the mechanism discussion between them. Based on the methods of factor analysis, correlation analysis and data mining, using IMSS database, an empirical analysis has been done and the theoretical model is proved to be true. At last, this paper gives a case study by represents the research project on DaGang Company. A number of organization deficiencies in the new product development process are identified and proposals based on concurrent engineering subsequently are adopted which enhances the effectiveness of this process.

Key words: Concurrent engineering, New product -development, Organizational innovation, Process innovation

Résumé: La pression globale du marché moderne met l'accent de plus en plus sur le développement rapide et l'introduction de nouveaux produits. Etant donné l'importance du développement de nouveaux produits pour la survie et le développement des entreprises, l'article présent examine comment le processus d'innovation influe le développement de nouveau produit dans l'organisation en développant un modèle théorique basé sur le mécanisme de discussion entre eux. Basée sur les méthodes de l'analyse de facteurs, l'analyse de corrélation et l'extraction des données, en utilisant la banque de données IMSS, une analyse empirique a déja été effectuée et le modèle théorique est prouvé correct. Enfin, l'article donne une étude de cas qui réprésente le projet de recherche sur l'Entreprise DaGang. Bon nombre d'insuffisances d'organistion dans le processus du développement de nouveau produit sont identifiées et des propositions fondées sur l'ingénierie simultanée sont adoptées qui amélioreront l'efficacité de ce processus.

Mots-Clés: ingénierie simultanée, développement de nouveau produit, innovation organisationnelle, processus d'innovation


Increasingly fierce global competition coupled with customers' demand for higher-quality products and delivering in shorter times is forcing manufacturing organizations to adopt radical approaches to new product development. 3 The ability to reduce the time from product conception to introduction in the marketplace now is a prime source of competitive advantage. 4 Manufacturing organizations approach to new product development is a major obstacle to reducing leading times. New product development is not only the core competence but also the basic of survival and development to enterprise. 5 Generally speaking, an emergence of new product always freshen up the organization even the whole industry.6 To face up the fast-changing of customers' demand and the shorter life cycle of product, almost all the organizations need attach a great importance to new product development.

A review of available literature shows that there is a large amount of information available describing practices for how new products should be introduced. Companies are therefore faced with a large amount of information highlighting principles that are supposed to help improve processes and increase the chance of introducing successful new products. 7 There is still, however, and imbalance between information specifying whether the process innovation could affect the new product development?8 If so, what needs to be done and how to tackle the problems associated with implementing of process innovation? The practical implications of how to implement idealized new product development principles and incorporating them into an effective business process have therefore not been adequately addressed. This paper describes a reference model which helps address to answer the question and then providing the support organization to the process innovation by a case study. …

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