Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Self-Directed Innovation and Measurement of Self-Directed Degree of Innovation/ETUDE DE L'INNOVATION AUTONOME ET DE LA MESURE DU DEGRÉ D'INNOVATION AUTONOME

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Self-Directed Innovation and Measurement of Self-Directed Degree of Innovation/ETUDE DE L'INNOVATION AUTONOME ET DE LA MESURE DU DEGRÉ D'INNOVATION AUTONOME

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The capacity of self-directed innovation is emphasized now. It can help to improve the competitive strength of a country or an organization. The article studied the connotation, characteristics, mode and the independent degree of self-directed innovation. The most important characteristic of self-directed innovation is independent which includes initiative, dominant power to obtain and control the innovation property and innovation income. Self-directed innovation has more efficiency than technological import. At the technological level, the self-directed degree of innovation can be evaluated by the proportion between the value of following patent technology and the total value of all patent technologies. At the firm, area, industry and country level, it can be evaluated comprehensively by the proportion between the value of technology input, intellectual property right, innovation rent and the total value.

Key words: self-directed innovation, intellectual property right, Independent degree of innovation

Résumé: La capacité d'innovation autonome est accentuée maintenant. Elle peut aider à améliorer la compétitivité d'un pays ou d'une organisation. L'article présent étudie la connotation, les caractéristiques, le mode et le degré d'indépendance de l'innovation autonome. La caractéristique la plus importante est son indépendance qui comprend l'initiative, la puissance dominante pour obtenir et contrôler la propriété d'innovation et le revenu d'innovation. L'innovation autonome est plus efficace que l'importation technologique. Au niveau technologique, le degré d'innovation autonome peut être évalué par la proportion entre la valeur de la technologie suivante de brevet et la valeur totale des technologies de brevet. Au niveau de l'entreprise, de la région, de l'industrie et du pays, il peut être évalué globalement par la proportion entre l'entrée technologique, la propriété intellectuelle, le rendement d'innovation et la valeur totale.

Mots-Clés: innovation autonome, propriété intellectuelle, degré d'indépendance de l'innovation

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With the reform and the open policy, our country's economy has created a miracle that maintained the yearly average to grow continually 9%. However, we should realize soberly that the traditional development pattern specially depends upon the high consumption of resources and the cheap- labor- force- crowded industry pattern. Energy, resources and the environment bottleneck more and more restrict the country's development. Under the new situation of economical globalization, the innovation already substituted for the natural resource to become the determining factor, which decides the nation's competitive power. Actually, the comprehensive nation's power depends on the whole our country's innovation capability. Therefore, promoting the whole country's innovation is a complex systematic project. Innovation, especially self-directed innovation has become the all-wave and strategic topic. Facing the acute national competition, the problem that the self-directed innovation capability is weak has got the key factor preventing the society development. As can be seen, strength or weakness of the self-directed innovation rapidly and intensely gets in touch with the competition power. The self-directed innovation is not the pure technological innovation, but it takes the technical innovation as the core. Simultaneously, it connects with the strategic innovation, the mechanism innovation, and the cultural innovation and so on each other. They promote and constitute mutually organic connecting systems. Sharpening the self-directed innovation ability and realizing the radical transformation of the economical growth way become urgent duty, which our country economy development faces. It also should be the urgent need facing the international competition. Improving the self-directed innovation ability becomes the core question that connects with national medium and long-term science and technology development plan, which will pay attention to the future national development strategy choice. …

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