Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Network Copyright Protection in the Internet Era/PROTECTION DU DROIT DE RÉSEAU À L'HEURE DE L'INTERNET

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Network Copyright Protection in the Internet Era/PROTECTION DU DROIT DE RÉSEAU À L'HEURE DE L'INTERNET

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This thesis puts forward the development prospect and concrete protections of the network copyright protection in the Internet era through the analysis of law. It figures that the variety of the network copyright has its own characteristics; the objection system on the Internet should be established to fix on the network copyright of a certain work; the range of the network works is different from that of the traditional works; the download, copying, printing, backing up, and paste of the network works should be also considered as the reasonable use under certain conditions; the network copyright, depending on different subjects, is applicable to different liability principles of infringement; the characteristics of the network copyright infringement case should be considered in the aspect of domination, and it is proposed that a large number of cases should be transferred to the basic people's court.

Key words: Network Copyright, Legal System, Protection

Résumé: L'essai présent expose, à travers l'analyse de la loi, la perspective de développement et des mesures concrètes de protection du droit de réseau à l'heure de l'Internet. D'après l'auteur, le droit de réseau a ses propres caractéristiques ; le système d'objection sur l'Internet devrait être établi pour déterminer le droit de réseau de certain travail ; le travail de réseau est différent du travail traditionnel ; le téléchargement, la copie, l'imprimerie , le secours, le collage sur le réseau devraient être considérés comme l'utilisation raisonnable dans certaines conditions ; le droit de réseau, dépendant de différents sujets, est applicable à des désavantages des principes d'infraction ; les caractéristiques du cas de violation du droit de réseau devraient considérées sur le plan de la domination ; bon nombre de cas devraient être transférés dans la cour populaire de base.

Mots-Clés: droit de réseau, système légal, protection

Today, the network technology rapidly develops, and the information technology has advanced the world into a new era of knowledge-driven economy, which brought quick changes to people's living and working way. Under the circumstances, the protection of network copyright has become a common concerned issue in the international community, and the special legislation of copyright protection under the network environment is more and more important day by day. As far as the network copyright protection is concerned, this thesis tries to analyze and study the legal system such as the domestic and international current development situation, the range of network works, the reasonable use, the liability principle of infringement and the domination in our country.


Viewing countries all over the world, the study on the legal system of copyright protection in the network environment is processing in full swing. Especially in U.S.A., as the birthplace of Internet, the infringement case of network copyright rises day by day, which makes the U.S. government pay closer attention to the setting-up of the Internet law. And therefore, a lot of American scholars are full of enthusiasm about the study of this system. At present, there are two international treaties regarding the network copyright protection, namely, World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty (WIPO Copyright Treaty) and World Intellectual Property Organization Performance and Phonograms Treaty (WIPO Performance and Phonograms Treaty). The two treaties have a great influence on the copyright using on the Internet, for example, the special exclusive economic rights given to the copyright owner and performer, including the right of distribution, right of rental, propagation right to the public, etc. Though a lot of countries in the world such as U.S.A., Japan, European Union, etc. begin to study the enactment of Internet law or to revise the existing domestic law for complying with these two treaties, up to the present, people still argue for the issues related to computer network copyright such as the reasonable applicable scope, the range of works, and the culpability for jurisdiction, etc. …

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