Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Revitalizing Northeast China through a New Road of Industrialization/ETUDE DE LA REVITALISATION DU NORD-EST DE CHINE PAR UNE NOUVELLE VOIE D'INDUSTRIALISATION

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Revitalizing Northeast China through a New Road of Industrialization/ETUDE DE LA REVITALISATION DU NORD-EST DE CHINE PAR UNE NOUVELLE VOIE D'INDUSTRIALISATION

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The old northeast industrial base has been the cradle of China after Liberation industry and has made the significant contribution to speed up the process of industrialization in China. The 16th National Party Congress definitely put forward the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial bases in Northeast China. Undoubtedly it can bring new lease and vitality for the development of the old industrial bases in Northeast China in the future. To begin with the study of the contents of a new road of industrialization, the article focuses on the necessity of taking a new road of industrialization to revitalize Northeast China and put forward the countermeasures for it according to analyze the current status.

Key words: revitalization of Northeast China, new industrialization, resources, countermeasures

Résumé: L'ancienne base industrielle nord-est a été le berceau de l'industrie de Chine après la Libération et a donné une contribution signifiante à l'accélération du processus d'industrialisation chinoise. Le 16e Congrès national du Parti a mis en avant définitivement la stratégie de revitalisation des anciennes bases industrielles dans le Nore-Est de Chine. Sans aucun doute, cette stratégie peut amener la vitalité et un nouveau commencement au développement des ces anciennes bases industrielles dans le futur. Débutant par l'étude du contenu de la nouvelle voie d'industrialisation, le présent article se focalise sur la nécessité de prendre une nouvelle voie d'industrialisation pour redresser le Nord-Est de Chine et propose des contre-mesures correspondantes en vertu de la situation actuelle.

Mots-Clés: revitalisation du Nort-Est de Chine, nouvelle industrialisation, ressources, contre-mesures


1.1 The connotation of Industrialization

Industrialization, a foreign word, which comes from English, refers to the industrial or the secondary industry has been becoming more and more important in national economy. Although industrialization has been the important issue to be concerned by economic history and modern economic development theories, but now, there is no unified understanding about its connotation. From the viewpoint of economics, the narrow definition of industrialization usually refers to the growing process of industry in the national economy and the rising number of industrial employment in total employment. The broad definition of industrialization refers to a country or region change from agricultural society to industrial society and the development process of industrial society, including the technical level, the tools of change, and also including comprehensive changes of people division, work methods, management system, until ideas. The road of industrialization refers to achieve principles, modalities and mechanisms of industrialization.

1.2 The connotation of traditional industrialization and new industrialization

Huang Fanzhang, Macroeconomic Research Institute scholar in State Municipal Commission of Development and Reform pointed out that there are two meanings of the traditional road of industrialization. First, speaking to the history of industrialization in China, the traditional industrialization is under the conditions of planned economy in the past. Second, as far as the history of global industrialization is concerned, the traditional industrialization has been carried out or realized by the developed countries. But there are many different points of view about the definition of a new road of industrialization in theoretical circle. The most recognition is that a new road of industrialization is on the base of our national condition and gives full play to the advantage in the future. According to the requirements of sustainable development, information technology will be combined with industrialization organically. We should pay more attention to technological advances and human resource advantages to achieve industrialization mode as soon as possible. …

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