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On the Role of the Vocal Teacher's Capability of Singing Played at Vocal Music Teaching/DU RÔLE DE LA CAPACITÉ DE CHANTER DANS L'ENSEIGNEMENT-APPRENTISSAGE DE LA MUSIQUE VOCALE

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

On the Role of the Vocal Teacher's Capability of Singing Played at Vocal Music Teaching/DU RÔLE DE LA CAPACITÉ DE CHANTER DANS L'ENSEIGNEMENT-APPRENTISSAGE DE LA MUSIQUE VOCALE

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Vocal music is an art of seeing, hearing and sensation and vocal music teaching is not as audio visual as that of the other types. Students learn only through the teacher's correct demonstration singing and teaching language to comprehend and experience conscientiously. In my years of teaching practice, I realized deeply how important the teaching quality is for students. This paper expounds the roles and importance of the vocal teacher reaching a certain level in singing capability in terms of the distinctiveness of vocal music teaching.

Key words: Improve, the capability of singing, vocal music teaching, role

Résumé: La musique vocale est un art de perception audio-visuelle. L'enseignement-apprentissage(E/A) de la musique vocale n'est pas aussi direct que celui des autres disciplines. Les élèves n'apprennent qu'en percevant par l'intelligence à travers la démonstration correcte du professeur et son langage d'enseignement. Durant l'enseignement de longue date, l'auteur éprouve profondément l'importance de la qualité d'enseignement de la musique vocale. Commençant par les particularités de l'E/A de la musique vocale, le présent article expose le rôle et l'importance de la capacité de chanter des professeurs dans l'E/A de la musique vocale.

Mots-Clés: amélioration, capacité de chanter, E/A de la musique vocale, rôle

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Vocal music course is specialized as well as elementary for students majored in vocal music performance from the higher college of music and those majored in music from the normal university, it is loved and learned dedicatedly by the students due to its importance, to some extent, it determines their future and fortune.

'Vocal music is regarded as an integral part of music art, due to its integration with literature and the fact that the human body itself is the source of sound, the social role it plays or the social function it realizes is more direct and quicker, and it effects larger areas and owns more audiences in number and ages compared with the other type of music art, all of which eventually laid a foundation for its unique position in music art.' Singing is the most direct means of art to touch one's heart, bring mental pleasure, push one buoy up and strive forward and even change one's and character and temperament. In Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period in Chinese history, there is a singer called Han E, whose singing is described as 'the sound of singing lingers for three days', from which we can see that singing is the treasure of human society, a shining pearl in music art and a subject each one aims to study in the college of music wants to learn as quick as possible and grasp to one's utmost for final application. As vocal teachers, we should shoulder our responsibility for the students, improve our teaching quality, enabling our students to truly grasp the musical and vocal skills. We should also provide solutions to their puzzles, encourage them to devote to their major, to learn with full confidence and to live up to their ideals in order to become a useful person to our country.


1.1 vocal music and vocal music teaching

'Vocal music takes the human body as its instrument, and the throat voice as its source of sound. Music comes from the singer's voice is also the music of throat singing.' Vocal music is an art featured with singing and performance, producing pleasant singing voice to ears by throat singing, 'vocal music' in Chinese character means one type of the art of music performance. People engaged in this profession should be equipped with the basic musical skills and knowledge, know the vocal methods and the singing language well, have the capability of performance and other relevant knowledge and culture, aiming to turn music pieces of works to concrete sound and image. 'Vocal music is neutral in terms of both its type and concept, it provides strong functionality, but this social function being positive or negative is determined by the quality of the works and singing. …

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