The Study for the Obstacles and Countermeasures in China Electric Power New Energy Development/FREINS DANS DEVELOPPEMENT DES NOUVELLES ENERGIES ELECTRIQUES EN CHINE ET SOLUTIONS

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Our government has prospectively realized the strategic sense for developing the renewable energy source, and released some necessary laws and regulations promulgated one after another, As the future energy development direction, the renewable energy source still have some insufficiencies in the initial development period, they are eager for quick success and instant benefits, so some forceful measures should be taken to urge the its development orderly and rationalized.

This article conducts the preliminary research for the new energy development problem, and further proposed the corresponding countermeasures, thus to provide certain references for our national developmental strategy further study.

Key words: New renewable energy sources (new energy), wind power, obstacles and countermeasures

Résumé: Le gouvernement chinois a aperçu la signification stratégique du développement des énergies renouvelables, ou des nouvelles énergiesautrement dit, et a fait des lois et règles correspondantes. Pourtant, en tant que la perspective du développement des énergies, les énergies renouvelables ont connu des problèmes dans la première phase du développement. Il existe des phénomènes d'agir avec trop de précipitation ou de devélopper dans un désordre. Nous devons du coup prendre des mesures efficaces pour

Pousser l'industrie électrique à se développer d'une façon bien ordonnée et progressivement.

Cet article fait des recherches préliminaires sur les problèmes existants dans le développment de nouvelles énergies et nous propose des solutions. Il est d'une valeur référentielle.

Mots-Clés: énergies renouvelables (nouvelles énergies), électricité éolienne, problèmes et solutions


Our government has prospectively realized the strategic sense for developing the renewable energy source, and "the People's Republic of China Renewable energy source Law" promulgated in January 1, 2006 has been implemented, some necessary laws and regulations are promulgated one after another. But from the research in the first paper ,we can get the conclusion that the renewable energy source being as the future energy development direction ,still has some insufficiencies in the initial development period, it needs us making it to rationalize gradually through the economical, the technical development.


1.1 The development of new energy resources depends on the administrative support excessively

In the past several decades, the management of energy sources in China is carried out by the administrative resort. Although our government takes much count of the interrelated laws and regulations, but these laws it have many flaws: which lacked implementers detailed rules, the corresponding economical drive measure as well as the administrative oversight method. The reason is that the long range target was undefined on the lawmaking about developing reproducible energy sources and the orientation of executing the law in the governmental functions.4

The law is essential method, to realize the national development goal. It will be possible to legislate about reproducible energy sources if we have the clear motive and target. We need the items that are specific, exoteric and operable. It is the guarantee realizing the development of reproducible energy source that the items can be carried out.

1.2 The development of new energy resources are limited by high cost

Generally speaking, our country renewable energy source's development cost is high, take burns coal the cost as 1, then the small water electricity cost approximately for coal electricity's 1.2 times, the biomass energy electricity generation (methane electricity generation) approximately for coal electricity's 1.5 times, the wind electricity is 1.7 times, but the photovoltaic electric generation comes higher to be 11~18 times. …


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