Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Sustainable Development of Shenyang Expo Park and Innovation of Management/ETUDE DU DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE DU PARC D'EXPO ET DE SON INNOVATION DE MANAGEMENT

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Sustainable Development of Shenyang Expo Park and Innovation of Management/ETUDE DU DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE DU PARC D'EXPO ET DE SON INNOVATION DE MANAGEMENT

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Shenyang China International Horticulture Exposition 2006 was a world meeting, which gains most public attention in the world. Taking this chance, Shenyang shows to the whole world its new image as a modern metropolis. In order to do further research about the development of Shenyang Expo Park; this article explore and study from the following four aspects, in terms of the awareness of sustainable development, sustainable increase factors, the issues of sustainable and innovation of management, ultimate goal lies in offering a clear idea for the healthy, sustainable and steady development of Shenyang Expo Park.

Key words: Shenyang, Shenyang Expo Park, Sustainable Development

Résumé: L'exposition internationale de l'horticulture de Shenyang en Chine 2006 est une réunion mondiale, qui attire l'attention du public dans le monde. En profitant de cette occasion, Shenyang expose au monde entier sa nouvelle image comme un métropole moderne. Afin de mener des recherches approfondies sur le développement du Parc d'expo de Shenyang, le présent article procède à l'étude sous les quatre aspects suivants : la conscience du développement durable, les facteurs de croissance durable, le résultat du développement durable et l'innovation de management. L'objectif ultime consiste à offrir une idée claire du développement sain, durable et stable du Parc d'expo de Shenyang.

Mots-Clés: Shenyang, Pare d'expo de Shenyang, développement durable

After Kunming Exposition, Shenyang Expo is the second international horticulture exposition held in China, lasting for 184 days, receiving 12.8 million visitors in total, which, together with the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the 2010 World Exposition in Shanghai, is described as the event reflecting China's influence to the world at the beginning of 21st century. However, after the brilliant exhibition, what is more important is how to achieve sustainable development, and how to create greater value through innovative management? Our academic team carries on the on-site investigation and analyzes in depth.


Sustainable Development is the world's strategic issue, which involves public attention. It is a strategic planning that whether a business and even an industry can grow and how to achieve growth in this severe-competing society and rapidly changing market.

Shenyang Expo Park is built on the base of the original Shenyang Botanical Garden, its theme park impression represents the image of Shenyang, becoming a bright card and enhancing the functions of the city. First, it enhances the city's ecological functions. The massive vegetation and trees have balanced the ecological of old industrial bases. The second is to enhance the expansion functions of the city. Shenyang Expo Park is only 10 km away from the urban area, undoubtedly, the urban will extent to the good ecological environment. Third, it enhances the city's tourism and leisure function. There are only a few spots in Shenyang, such as Shenyang Imperial Palace, Fuling tomb and Zhaoling tomb called "One palace and two tombs" in Shenyang. Shenyang Expo Park made up for this regret. Last, it is the important support for the development of New Industry Zone of north in Shenyang and it has a positive impact on functional improvement, such as ecological, tourism, leisure and recreation. Therefore it is very significant for us to retain and achieve sustainable development of Shenyang Expo Park.


It is totally different between Shenyang Expo and Shenyang Expo Park after the exposition. So, in order to achieve sustainable development, we must continue to carry forward the spirit of the World Expo, implementing the transfer of operation strategy, cultivating deeper and further development, exploring new fields, create bright spots, grasp the attraction, pulling market and earning efficiency, driving neighbour area to build ecological Expo cities. …

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