The Rose Engagement

Article excerpt

The Rose Engagement

by Dr. Richard E Brown, CGFM, Cleveland Chapter, and Beverly A. Brown

Kent Information Services, Inc. Kent, Ohio, 1996 201 pages $12.00 Cleveland CPA Becomes a Reluctant Hero

The Rose Engagement, a mystery novel written by Dr. Richard E. Brown,CGFM, and Beverly A. Brown, tells the story of a Cleveland CPA firm awarded the White House audit. Dodney, Harrison and fellow partners take on the task for the prestige, but find it is far more challenging and dangerous than they could have imagined.

Stephanie Hamilton, the young senior manager at Dodney Harrison, is thrilled to be put in charge of the field work for this prestigious assignment Unfortunately, she is killed in a suspicious hit-and-run accident on the streets of Washington soon after she begins to follow up on excessive expenditures for roses. The partner who reluctantly takes her place follows a paper trail leading to not only the illicit spending of White House funds, but much more. Information is leaked to the Washington Globe by a White House insider and the press becomes involved in the chase. …


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