Academic journal article Literature/Film Quarterly

Literature/Film: A Bibliography

Academic journal article Literature/Film Quarterly

Literature/Film: A Bibliography

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This is a fairly comprehensive list of items dealing with the special relationship of literature to film. It is by no means definitive. In compiling the items that follow, I have restricted myself to studies that deal with general aspects of the literature/film problem; reviews, except in a few cases, have been excluded; and from the numerous studies of individual films I have included only those (like Battestin's, for example) which also deal substantively with the general topic of literary adaptation. I have thought it useful to do some cross-referencing. Except insofar as they contain substantial treatments of the problem, books on film technique and theory and anthologies about film in general have been omitted. Several of the studies include bibliographies for material that has been excluded here.

Ulrich Wicks

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______________. Novels into Film [1957]. …

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