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Academic journal article Journal of Law and Education


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Madeline E. McNeeley, Title IX and Equal Educational Access for Pregnant and Parenting Girls, 22 Wis. Women's L.J. 267 (2007). This article examines the issues of pregnant and parenting students' access to academic and co-curricular programs in secondary education. The author expounds upon how, despite being afforded strong protection against discrimination by Tide IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, several factors have promulgated an insufficient progress in protecting pregnant students from expulsion and exclusion. The aumor concludes that only wim concrete support and diligent advocacy will Title IX live up to the promise it makes to pregnant and parenting students.

Leslie Yalof Garfield, Adding Colors to the Chameleon: Why the Supreme Court Should Have Adopted a New Compelling Governmental Interest Test for Race-Preference Student Assignment Plans, 56 U. Kan. L. Rev. 277 (2008). This article traces me history of race-preference student assignment plans from the 1954 Supreme Court mandate to me present day. The aumor criticizes me Supreme Court for its recent application of the test used in the context of higher education to the Louisville, Kentucky and Seatte, Washington K-12 race-preference student assignment plans. The author concludes mat the Court's actions may result in a return to past racial divisions, and mat K-12 programs should re-adopt race-preference assignment plans.

A. J. Angulo & Carol Marchel, On Student Rights in the Year of Brown: A Legal, Psychological, and Policy Analysis, 2008 BYU Educ. & L.J. 1 (2008). This article examines a South Carolina high school drag raid in the context of historical court protection of student rights. The aumor focuses on the issues of discrimination, excessive punishment, and constitutionality. The aumor also discusses the effects of the raid and suggests mat it may instigate future violence. The aumor concludes that the raid violated student rights and created distrust and racial resentment within the student population.

Leslie Yalof Garfield, The Glass Half Full: Envisioning the Future of Race Preference Policies, 63 N. YU. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 385 (2008). This article analyzes me role that Justice Kennedy's concurring opinion in the Supreme Court case invalidating the Louisville, Kentucky and Seattle, Washington race-preference student assignment plans will have in future decisions. The aumor argues that me case will likely not result in a reversion to racial segregation in public schools, and mat Justice Kennedy's concurring opinion will be useful to courts considering additional racepreference student assignment plans. The author concludes mat racepreference policy advocates may, in the future, invoke Justice Kennedy's recognition of the government's interest in avoiding racial isolation in support of their position.

John T. Plecnik, Equal Access to Public Education: An Examination of the State Constitutional and Statutory Rights of Nonpublic Students to Participate in Public School Programs on a Part-Time Basis in North Carolina and Across the Nation, 13 Tex. J. on CL. & CR. 1 (2007). This article examines the rights of North Carolina private and homeschooled students to an adequate education and access to participation in the public school system. The author argues that these rights are guaranteed by state statutes, state case law, and me state constitution. The author discusses mese rights in the context of other states with similar statutory and constitutional frameworks and concludes that mese students have a right to participate in public school programs on a part-time basis.

Jana R. McCreary, This is the Trap the Courts Built: Dealing with the Entanglement of Religion and the Origin of Life in American Public Schools, 37 Sw. U. L. Rev. 1 (2008); See also 37 Sw. U. L. Rev. 69; 37 Sw. U. L. Rev. 83. This article examines differing meories of me origin of life and notes mat creationists view evolution as a religious doctrine. …

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