Book Reviews -- the Dictionary of Family Psychology and Family Therapy (2Nd Ed.) by S. Richard Sauber, Luciano L'Abate, Gerald R. Weeks and William Buchanan

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Sauber, S. Richard, L'Abate, Luciano, Weeks, Gerald R., and Buchanan, William. (1993). The Dictionary of Family Psychology and Family Therapy (2nd ed.). Newbury Park, CA: Sage. 468 pp. Hardcover ISBN 0-8039-5322-1, price $43.95; paper ISBN 0-8039-5333-X, price $21.95.

Let's make this clear from the beginning-this wonderful book actually is a dictionary, defining family psychology concepts and terms from A ("abortive runaway") to Z ("zero-sum game"). Approximately 1,700 entries are covered in this updated version, all pertaining to the field of family psychology and family therapy. (The first edition came out in 1985 but focused primarily on family therapy).

I approached this book in two ways. I initially used it as a dictionary, looking up terms I was not familiar with. In fact, I had occasion to use it less than hours after I received it, as I was reviewing an article. Anyone who reads professional material in this field would find the dictionary invaluable especially since, as noted by Murray Brown in the Foreword of this book, "The field is in a state of explosion that is without parallel." The concise format will allow the reader to stay informed.

accession process = the addition of unwanted arrivals to the family, such as newborns, adopted children, and elderly parents.

A second way to approach this book, perhaps less likely but still valuable, is to go through it, entry by entry, to discover (or rediscover) tools to use in therapy.

celebrant role = a role in which the therapist joins in a celebration with the family regarding what they have accomplished. …


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