Book Reviews -- Therapy with Treatment Resistant Families by W. G. McCown, J. Johnson and Associates

Article excerpt

McCown, W. G., Johnson, J. and Associates (1993). Therapy with Treatment Resistant Families, New York: Haworth Press. 328 pp. Hardcover ISBN 1-56024-245-0, price $54.85; paper ISBN 1-56024-244-2, price $32.95.

A common and very difficult dilemma for all mental health professionals is how to keep treatment resistant clients in therapy long enough to assist them with their problems. In a clear, articulate style, Therapy with Treatment Resistant Families combines a rich historical and theoretical review of multiproblem, crisis-oriented families with specific clinical techniques. Therefore, this book offers a practical, concise approach for working with such complex, arduous families.

Specifically targeting the functioning of the family system and family behavior, the 12 chapters in this book move through all aspects of working with treatment resistant families. Beginning with initially identifying the families as treatment resistant, and continuing through assembling the family during a crisis, defusing the crisis, evaluating family members and their problems, problem solving, and translating the family members' problem-solving experiences into positive empowerment to solve future problems, this approach has been developed to keep the family in treatment until progress can be accomplished.

In addition to the general chapters that explain treatment processes, there are also several chapters that address specific therapy issues for working with treatment resistant families that exhibit incestuous, delinquent, and brain-compromised behaviors. …


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