Book Reviews -- Nurses and Families: A Guide to Family Assessment and Intervention (Second Edition) by Lorraine Wright and Maureen Leahy

Article excerpt

Philadelphia: F. A. Davis. 233 pp. Paper ISBN 0-8036-9605-1, price $19.95.

Few contributions have influenced the nursing field as significantly as Wright and Leahey's 1984 text, Nurses and Families (first edition). Thus, the arrival of the second edition is sure to find an eager, waiting audience of nurses and others who care for families in the context of health and illness. For readers of the first edition, the central change here is the introduction of the Calgary Family Intervention Model (CFIM), which accompanies the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM). The authors correctly note that this is the first broadly focused family intervention model that has been published by nurses. That fact alone makes this a landmark book.

The intervention model is based on the writings of many of the classic theories in family therapy including Bateson and Watzlawick, but is also influenced by the writings of Maturana, Tomm, and White. However, the interventions themselves are primarily an outgrowth of the clinical work of the authors and Wright's colleagues, Wendy Watson and Janice Bell. These interventions are aimed at inviting change in the family's cognitive, affective, and behavioral functioning. The authors state their conviction that change in the family's beliefs or cognitions will be the most profound and lasting. …


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