Academic journal article Social Alternatives


Academic journal article Social Alternatives


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I had a schizophrenic thought form,

At least I thought I did.

I thought the form was schizoid, thought

My thought was out of sorts,

Unsorted, taut, caught

On itself and on myself.

So thought some more about it, sorted

Thoughts, sought oughts, wished for

Zeroes, noughts, found nought but

Thought. Fought torts, valiantly

Sought lessons taught by thought (previous

Thought, I mean - less taut, more sorted),

Sought to abort contorted thought, refer to

Thought wrought from an inner fort I thought

Was safe. That fort bought dearly,

Yearly, brought safe to here - but nought. Ought

I, distraught, overwrought, be rhyming thoughts

With oughts, with wroughts? Or, rethought, reach

Elsewhere, lest come I would

To the dark wood sans escort, daunted,

Haunted, mad as hell, deafened by

Overwrought, distraught, unsorted thoughts

Sought me, caught me - finally, thought me. …

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