Academic journal article Hecate

Nga Ahorangi

Academic journal article Hecate

Nga Ahorangi

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A Bibliography of Maori Women's Creative Writing Whakatapunga tenei mo nga whaea, tamahine, tamariki


[In most cases the context will enable a fuller reception of the word] aroha: love, yearning for, pity, compassion, affectionate regard haka: song literature performed with actions, war haka and ceremonial haka

hongi: gentle pressure of the nose on nose iwi: tribe/tribal, nation of people kapahaka: performance group of haka and action songs karanga: welcoming call karakia: prayer, incantation kaupapa: rule, basic idea, foundation kore: Maori/indigenous rat

Ko te korero (etc): The following comments form the introduction of Nga Ahorangi korero: to speak, speech mana: power, influence, prestige manuhiri: visitor, guest

marae: the enclosed courtyard in front of the ancestral meeting house where tribal rituals are conducted mihi: greeting, acknowledgement Nga Ahorangi: the enlightened teachers nga punawai: the well-spring(s)

No reira (etc): Therefore/in conclusion, to the revered female elders, the mothers-respected female leaders, the young women and women in general, this is the emerging/the dawning of this time of the blossoming. Pakeha: Non-Maori; New Zealanders

patere: song (female genre) for the purpose of asserting one's status usually following slander Papatuanuku: the earth mother poi: ball on string, action song with poi poroporoaki: farewell

pukana: wild-eyed stare often accompanied by grimace puriri: native tree of strong durable wood, used for medicinal purposes and yellow dye, a source of fruit also for wood pigeon, tui and kaakaa

rangatahi: fishing net, in extended meaning the up and coming youth who may assume responsibility for the culture Tane: the god of forests

tangata whenua: people of the land, the local people tangihanga: mourning, funeral ceremony taonga: highly prized property, gift tautoko: prop up, support Tawhirimatea: the god of winds

Te Ao Marama: the human world, the world of light Tena koutou: Greetings to all te Reo Maori: the Maori language toko tupuna whaea: my respected female elder waiata: oral poetry and song literature wairua: spirit

wahine: woman, female whaea: mother, aunt, in usage a respectful term of address whaikorero: formal speech

whakapapa: genealogical table, cultural identity whanau: family

whare tangata: the child bearing and nurturing capacity of women wiri: tremor of the hand in simulation of Tawhirimatea, the God of Wind



TE RE O Nga Ahorangi Organisation of Nga Ahorangi

KAUPAPA Introduction

Nga Ahorangi


TAPIRITANGA Appendage (Bibliographical, including abbreviations)

NGA MIHI Acknowledgements

This bibliography is published in two parts. …

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