Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

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July 23: Israeli soldiers kidnapped Lebanese citizen Qasim Rayhan, accused of plotting attacks against Israel, from the Israeli self-declared "security zone." [7/24 WP, 7/25 FBIS]

July 25: Israeli soldier Shay Walstein was killed in the "security zone" during an attack by Hizballah forces in which thirteen Israeli soldiers were wounded. [7/26 FBIS]

Aug. 1: An unidentified person was killed by Israeli forces while attempting to illegally cross the border near Bra'shit in the "security zone." [8/2 FBIS]

Aug. 2: Yusuf al-Shuraydi, a suspect in the 1986 bombing of the Berlin discotheque that killed three people and injured 230, was acquitted of murder charges in Lebanon. German authorities were seeking his extradition. [8/3 FBIS]

Aug. 4: Israeli warplanes mistakenly bombed a house in Deir al-Zahrani in the "security zone." Eight to ten civilians were killed and fifteen to eighteen were wounded. The Israeli army apologized for the error. Israeli jets also bombed two Hizballah bases in Ein Bouswar. [8/5 NYT, FBIS]

Aug. 6: Hizballah forces attacked an Israeli patrol in al-Ayshiyah, killing Israelis Oren Avshalom and Yevgeniy Braslawsky, and wounding at least two other Israeli soldiers in the "security zone." Israeli and Hizballah forces exchanged fire. [8/7 NYT, 8/8 FBIS]

Aug. 18: Hizballah members set off a bomb in the "security zone," injuring two Israeli soldiers. Three Hizballah members were wounded in the ensuing battle. …

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