Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Turkey

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Turkey

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July 20: According to Ozgur Ulke (Istanbul), government forces attacked areas of Lice in Diyarbakir district, burning 300 houses and killing at least one person. [8/1 FBIS]

July 22: The Constitutional Court annulled five decrees designed to facilitate Prime Minister Tansu Ciller's privatization program, including an organizational chart for the privatization agency. [7/28 FBIS]

July 26: The Liberal Party was established by Besim Tibuk. [7/27 FBIS]

The Turkish air force launched an attack against alleged Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) members in the Mezi region of northern Iraq, killing 79 people and wounding 51. [7/27 FBIS]

July 27: Justice Minister Seyfi Oktay and Foreign Minister Hikmet Cetin resigned, and President Suleyman Demirel announced a new cabinet:

Mehmet Mogultay, Justice

Mumtaz Soysal, Foreign Affairs

Mustafa Yilmaz, Public Works and Housing

Nihat Maktap, Labor and Social Security

Mehmet Donen, Industry and Commerce

Timurcin Savas, Culture

Halil Culhaoglu, Tourism [7/28 WIS]

July 28: Government forces attacked an alleged PKK camp on Cudi Mountain; 59 PKK members and nine soldiers were killed in the clash. [8/1 FBIS]

July 29: According to Ozgur Ulke, 800 soldiers demonstrated in Diyarbakir to protest the maltreatment of a soldier. [8/5 FBIS]

July 31: Twenty-five labor associations and organizations, including public transportation, banks, hospitals, and municipal services, demonstrated in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul to protest the government's alleged failure to honor a May agreement for a pay increase. [8/1 FBIS]

The Turkish air force bombed the Sinat region of northern Iraq, killing 30 people and wounding 44. [8/9 FBIS]

Aug. 2: The Turkish air force bombed the Hakurk region, killing 145 people and wounding 80. [8/9 FBIS]

Aug. 3: Six Kurdish members of Parliament--Mahmut Alinak, Orhan Dagan, Hatip Dicle, Sirri Sakik, Ahmet Turk, and Leyla Zana--were put on trial for treason and faced the death penalty if convicted. [8/4 NYT, FT]

Three alleged terrorists were killed during a raid in Bagcilar district of Istanbul. [8/4 FBIS]

Aug. 5: Twenty-six people were killed and 29 wounded in fighting in the Sinat region. [8/9 FBIS]

Aug. 8: One hundred and fifteen people were killed and 135 injured in a Turkish air attack on northern Iraq. [8/9 FBIS, 8/11 FBIS]

Alleged PKK members kidnapped two Finnish tourists near Tunceli. [8/9 FBIS]

Aug. 9: Twenty-four alleged PKK members were killed in clashes in Batman, Bitlis, Diyarbakir, Mus, and Sirnak. A military vehicle hit a land mine in Mus, wounding 35 soldiers. [8/10 FBIS]

Aug. 10: Alleged PKK members blocked the Van-Bahcesaray highway, killing eleven persons and wounding three. [8/11 FBIS]

The nine-member True Path Party (TPP) chairmanship council resigned. [8/11 FBIS]

Aug. 12: Nine people were wounded in an explosion in Istanbul's Topkapi bus terminal. [8/15 FBIS]

Aug. 14: Dogan Baran was appointed Minister of Health. [8/15 FBIS]

Alleged PKK members raided the Renkdagi village in the Alacakayi District of Elzag, killing ten people and wounding one. [8/15 FBIS]

Aug. 15: The air force reportedly killed 51 and wounded 39 alleged PKK members in raids in the Haflanin region in Iraq. [8/22 FBIS]

Aug. 17: The Republican People's Party (RPP) Central Executive Council members, including Secretary General Ertugrul Gunay, resigned. [8/19 FBIS]

Fifty-three alleged PKK members were killed throughout the southeast in clashes with security forces. [8/18 FBIS]

Aug. 18: In Adana, alleged PKK member Lokman Alicioglu was killed while attempting to plant a bomb. [8/19 FBIS]

Aug. 20: The air force killed 41 alleged PKK members and wounded 35 in the Sinat region. [8/22 FBIS]

Aug. …

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