International Environmental Law & Policy

Article excerpt

International Environmental Law ff Policy, by Ved P. Nanda. Irvington-on-Hudson, New York: Transnational Publishers, Inc., 1995. Pp. 458. $95.00 (hardcover).

Only in the latter part of this century has serious worldwide attention focused on the global environment. International Environmental Law & Policy provides a comprehensive introduction to the process of law and policymaking in the international environmental field as it has developed over the past few decades.

Chapter one sketches the nature and scope of the global environmental challenge. This chapter describes the bases of international environmental law, examines the shortcomings of traditional legal concepts, and concludes with a section on state responses to environmental concerns.

Chapter two addresses the difficulties in formulating rules and principles to govern the global commons in light of the notions of sovereignty and property rights. This chapter explains that considering the success over the last decade in developing treaties to protect specific species and to address discrete forms of pollution, international law should use treaties protecting ecosystems and habitats, rather than comprehensive frameworks, to protect the global commons.

Chapter three examines the linkage between the environment and liberalization of international trade by analyzing the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

Chapter four focuses on the linkage between the environment and human rights by considering the desirability and feasibility of adding a human right to the environment to the corpus of human rights.

In the next three chapters, International Environmental Law & Policy provides a chronological view of developments in international environmental law. Chapter five traces the early years of international cooperation to control transboundry pollution. Chapter six reviews the 1972 Stockholm Declaration, an agreement representing the first global consensus on the nature and scope of the environmental challenge confronting the global community. …


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