The Alleged Transnational Criminal

Article excerpt

The Alleged Transnational Criminal, edited by Richard D. Atkins. The Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1995. Pp. 449. $195.00 (hardcover).

International crime has increased due to the deemphasis of national boundaries and ease of transnational travel. As a result of the increase in the number of transnational crime cases and the sophistication of international criminals, the International Bar Association held a Second Biennial Alleged Transnational Criminal Seminar. The Alleged Transnational Criminal, edited by Richard D. Atkins, is a compilation of papers presented at this seminar by practitioners of different nationalities, working for both firms and agencies.

The Alleged Transnational Criminal is divided into nineteen chapters. Each chapter is in detailed outline form. This book can be divided into twelve subjects-criminal tribunals, prisoner transfer treaties, state-sponsored kidnapping, money laundering, insider trading, international private investigative agencies, evidence, criminal justice, international tax and related crimes, terrorism, international human rights conventions in criminal cases, environmental crimes, and the lawyer-client privilege in Spain.

The first three chapters cover criminal tribunals. Two chapters cover war crimes tribunals-the International War Crimes Inquiry and Tribunal, and the War Crimes Tribunal in Former Yugoslavia. The latter chapter includes an appendix featuring the draft articles of the tribunal. The third chapter entitled the "Suggested Role and Tools of the Defense Before an International Criminal Tribunal" discusses the creation of an international criminal court.

The next two chapters deal with prisoner transfer treaties. These chapters, "Problems with the Effective Use of Prisoner Transfer Treaties" and "Prisoner Transfer Treaties: Crucial Times Ahead," cover many important aspects of this subject and provide helpful visual aids such as charts and bar graphs.

The sixth and seventh chapters analyze state-sponsored kidnap ping. The sixth chapter, entitled "The Need for U.S. Legislation to Curb State-Sponsored Kidnapping," presents relevant legal documents and cases which are explained in more detail in the seventh chapter, "State-Sponsored Kidnapping of Fugitives: An Alternative to Extradition?"

The chapters on money-laundering deal with both international and U. …


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