Academic journal article Hecate


Academic journal article Hecate


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see this doll do you like this

doll would you

like to play

with this doll did you play with

him when

he played with you were

you the

doll did he touch you here or

in this

place or down

here if he was the doll

did you

touch him here

was it


or just a thing

did she make it an object of affection

did she use it as vibrator

put it in a tender cage

did she promise it this now

did she let it kiss and hold her

did she ask if she can keep it in a house

did it see people as things

pick them up

put them down rearrange their legs

did she throw it across the room

or kiss it in a bed

was it

all the same to

a doll


she's in a room full of people

her body is standing in front of her

she sees a startled face

ground under her feet is moving

she says goodbye in a fog

drives under an arcade

of lights and trumpets

to a dark house

peeps in through the tiny window

is hardly able to put her key

in the lock

the lights she thought she'd left

on are switched off

the hall way makes no sense

things on the wall are black

rooms begin in the wrong places

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