Behavior and Medicine (4Th Edition)

Article excerpt

Behavior and Medicine (4th edition) Editors: Danny Wedding, Margaret L Stuber Hogrefe Publishing, 2006 US$39.95; pp408; ISBN: 978-0-88937-305-1

Not similar to most of the textbooks, Behavior & Medicine employed a different approach in discussing topics in behavioural science in medicine. It was written according to recommendations by the Institute of Medicine on the teaching of behavioural and social science. Instead of dividing the chapters according to disease entities or psychological theories, the book was divided into 6 main areas: mind-body interactions in health and disease, patient behaviour, physician's role and behaviour, physician-patient interaction, social and cultural issues in health care, and health policy and economics.

The area on mind-body interactions in health and disease was more 'traditional' in its approach. Starting from a chapter describing neuroanatomy, memory and emotion, it went on to describe the role of family and friends in health. This was followed by chapters on the behavioural and psychological development in childhood and adolescence, adulthood, ageing, and death. It concluded with a chapter on chronic pain, with descriptions on the neurophysiology, psychology, and behavioural management on this common health problem. The part on patient behaviour first described the relationship between stress and different physical disorders. It was followed by a discussion on addiction disorders, methods to facilitate health changes, psychodynamic approaches to human behaviour, and also human sexuality. The part dealing with the physician's role and behaviour prepared readers (especially the medical students) to handle problems with both academic and non-academic aspects, and to recognise their role in modern multidisciplinary health care systems. The part on physician-patient interaction focused on the assessment and treatment of pathology, the doctorpatient relationship and communication. …


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