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Environmental Terminology - Tonnes and tons

Readers in different countries may have experienced some confusion over the similarity of the terms 'ton' and 'tonne'.

For measuring large quantities of such things as waste being sent to landfill, in the UK the metric systembased 'tonne' is used. One tonne is 1,000 kilogram's or 2204 pounds (lbs) in imperial measure. The near equivalent in the imperial system is the 'ton', which is 2240 lbs. Thus the 'tonne' is 0.9842 of a 'ton'. In the USA the term 'short ton' is sometimes used - this is 2000 lbs.

Whilst on this topic, UK Landfill tax costs £32 for every tonne of biodegradable rubbish deposited at a landfill site - a figure that will rise to £48 a tonne by 201 0.

Ten Minute Tip 1

Environmental legislation

From time-to-time, Green Light reports on fines levied on companies for breaking environmental legislation. It's always important to be aware of what environmental legislation applies to your business and this tip could help prevent you and your organisation from appearing on the listi If you have achieved a formal recognition of an Environmental Management System, such as ISO 1 4001 or EMAS, then it ought to be relatively easy - the EMS requires an environmental legislation register to be maintained and updated. If it is kept up-to-date, this is all you need to consult If you have no formal EMS, then make sure you consult www.netregs. to help you stay within the law.

Ten Minute Tip 2

Raising Environmental Awareness

One of the most effective methods of reminding people of their responsibility for taking environmental action is by displaying posters and stickers in appropriate places in the workplace. This tip therefore, is concerned with how to get these items without necessarily buying them.

A good place to start looking for attractive, free materials is the Carbon Trust ( They have produced a stylish new series of posters and stickers for use by all kinds of organisations to raise awareness of energy efficiency and to encourage employees to adopt simple energy efficient actions in the workplace. They provide a starter pack and individual posters, some as downloadable files for direct printing.

Managing environmental matters in times of economic difficulty

When the financial climate is difficult the organisation's environmental concerns, along with other areas such as training, tend to be given lower priority than under good trading conditions. …

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