Academic journal article Shofar

From "Now"

Academic journal article Shofar

From "Now"

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O song of dust O sound of dust O dust at dusk at dusty rose dusk each particle particular plum fat and red Happy Birthday, Mr. President and God said let there be gas let there be cash and soft glances


Light in every window


We know and we know we don't

Pour down pour down are you sand

Are you silver pour down pour down


You - in the park

Watch them sleeping

You invented the family, private property, and the State - you did it

"Hey you" - it was you - and gray rain, shadow, Mist

And this is perfect - you are the light and the dark

And no you don't and no you don't




blue side of the mountain, blue side - will I drink, will I laugh, tell me, will I laugh - tell me - will I spark - in this light, expensive light - did you praydid you beg - for days like these


You don't want to laugh at them you don't

You say take me to Heaven you say take me to Heaven

Don't you want to say that - don't you-

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Joseph Lease's critically acclaimed books of poetry include Broken World (Coffee House Press) and Human Rights (Zoland Books). …

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