Academic journal article Shofar

Palaces of Glass and Stone

Academic journal article Shofar

Palaces of Glass and Stone

Article excerpt

-Chibuly in Jerusalem

Though a man she's loved for fifty years is ill

she doesn't say I love you. Anyway he knows.

They call each other Sweetheart and My dear.

She talks about the spaces in the skies

beyond her windows where the towers were,

tells him I could predecease you. He laughs.

She's bought a pack of photographs of glass

set next to crenellated walls and under cypresses

in the Holy City where she's never been, forms

curved like horns of rams in Bible-tales,

like water-droplets just before they fall. Colors

to compel an unbeliever: translucent green

of foam-slashed seas, blurts and streaks

and blotches: smears of pigment stilled

on disks and bottles, all spilled

from the vast shining. A wild excess

of feeling moving through has left its breath

in edges pink as clematis or vulva, orbs

like ornament in liturgies, a blue so pale

her mouth fills up with water. Stacked cubes

the green and white of glaciers, hues

never found in nature: tinctures of titanium

and zinc tint plumes like pollen-bearing grasses,

rounds of cobalt rolled to rest against stones

beneath permanent skies. …

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