Academic journal article Shofar

The Death of Bruno Schultz (1892-1942)

Academic journal article Shofar

The Death of Bruno Schultz (1892-1942)

Article excerpt

What was he thinking about,

When he walked out of the grocery.

The loaf of bread tucked under his arm?

He had taken a chance,

Leaving the ghetto in search of food.

He certainly recognized the SS Officer

Standing in the dappled afternoon sunlight.

The one Felix* hated.

Their eyes briefly met.

As he turned to walk up the street.

The sweet smell of sautéing onions

Suddenly filled his nose.

The sharp aroma of coffee,

Like a welcome breeze on a hot day.

Weeks, months since he had a cup.

He walked more quickly,

Picturing the crowded apartment

He now shared with two families

Of Drohobycz Jews.

The sound of his shoes,

Scraping along the concrete sidewalk,

Joined now by a following clack

Of wooden boot heels.

He stopped paying attention.

Or rather, over the sound of clacking.

Other images, and sounds, and smells

Engrossed him.

The SS Officer

Recognized the Jew right away.

The ugly, stooped figure was an artist,

One of Landau's favorites.

Word was the Jew had even painted a mural

On Landau's apartment wall.

That kind of indulgence must not be tolerated.

Maybe Landau was one himself.

"Jew, halt!"

Schulz had just been noticing.

How the light had suddenly changed. …

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