Academic journal article Antipodes


Academic journal article Antipodes


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My dearest, the belly and the heart overlap here;

the same word able to mean both, and both together

making one's heart of hearts. In it I relish the astute

implications of a small pair of words that mean

to lounge around at street corners, and readily identify

with feeling uncomfortable in someone else's house, as I do

at times, though they say feel that it's your own - and

this on my first visit. I hope, dearest, that you are not

sad with melancholy, a word I found that crosses

into boring and dull, which you never are. Often two girls

will ride the same bicycle with their feet on the pedals

together, two left and two right placed exactly

in position: we could be like that, though you might

laugh at the image. In this city, flowers are sold with

their roots still attached, seeming so much more alive.

I maintain a slight distrust for my smallest dictionary

with its old-fashioned primness - to look daggers at someone

and propensity to invent English words, which makes me

nervous about its Vietnamese. …

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