Academic journal article Antipodes


Academic journal article Antipodes


Article excerpt

Twitterers, skeletal birds

on the wrong side of the perch, these

wire coat-hangers transmit their anxious thoughts

when I open the wardrobe door.

No jackhammers of the aviary,

still they manage 331.5 meters per second

of nervous tweeter through air

as if recalling a prehistoric explosion.

As if readying for flight.

Noise like that is soft and smells

of mothballs. But noise smells also

of burnt rubber and freshly cut steel. It sets

concrete dust in your nostrils and

headphones on teenagers making their way

to school. A DJ says he makes music

with 174 beats a minute. Noise like that

can put the lights down low

in your neighbor's house

and turn the lights on full in your own.

Noise is fluorescent yellow, electric orange

and alarm bell red. It is licorice allsorts.

It is the green line on a cardiac monitor. …

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