Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review

The Hymn Disclosed

Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review

The Hymn Disclosed

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Per te scimmis da Patrem,

Noscamus atque Filium,

Te utriusque Spiritimi

Credamus omni tempore.

Perpend, Eternal Sire, on this Thy race;

Illumine our dour nescience, with grace:

Forgive the sullen, willful ignoramus;

Forgive the smug, the damfool, and the shameless.

The thug, the cruel, manie patriotic.

The snitch, the trembling, self-deceived neurotic.

The seeker after nostrums, the tainted juror,

The mountebank and seamming usurer.

The hatred-monger, the quester after gurus,

The fixer, liar, the humbug with a screw loose:

Tear from our hearts the uttermost deep shame

And brighten in us the ardor of our flame;

Query the spirit of Humanity

And reason it from incredulity;

Damn us, if so the golden scales demand

(Though You in all omniscience understand).

Or temper us in the refining [ire

And forge us steel, Eternal Sire.

Through You the Father is known

Through You is known the Son

Grant that we comprehend

How You from them descend.


Te lucis ante terminimi

rerum creator poscimus

ut solita dementia

sis praesul ad custodiam.

Tell us, as we watch the sun decline,

How lucent is the darkness You have spared;

Anterior to Your all-pervasive light,

It stands as terminus and origin;

Before all number was. …

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