Medicinal and Edible Plants Used by East Indians of Trinidad and Tobago , Kumar Mahabir

Article excerpt

Medicinal and Edible Plants used by East Indians of Trinidad and Tobago , Kumar Mahabir, New edition 2008. xx+167pp. ISBN 976-8001-73-9 Illustrations by S. K. Ragbir. Foreword by Dr. Greg Barclay, 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. Paperback. Glossary, index.

The publication of this book, Medicinal and Edible Plants ..., is a welcome addition to the corpus of knowledge available to research students and faculty members who are involved in research with medicinal plants. The author has made a sincere effort to give the botanical names, descriptions, origins and chemical composition of the plants available in Trinidad used almost exclusively by the East Indian community. It is very important not only for the community but also for the researchers to be aware at the brief history of the medicinal plants before they select any plant material for study or use. Therefore, it is a very timely, well-documented tool that undoubtedly meets an important need.

The vincamine and vincristine of periwinkle are useful in memory-enhancing action and cancer treatment respectively. In the same way that the papaya fruit and leaves are used to treat cut wounds and it is also known to have antimicrobial activities. Naturally accruing avocado fruit is known to contain unsaturated fatty acids and consuming this fruit may lowers bad cholesterol and slow collagen degradation to prevent aging. …


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