Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions: A New Classification for DSM-V

Article excerpt

Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions: a new classification for DSM-V Editors: Pietro Porcelli, Nicoletta Sonino Karger, 2007, Basel, Switzerland ISBN 978-3-8055-833-2

A liaison psychiatrist's field of activity comprises, besides other psychiatric problems somatic patients have, working with psychosomatic patients. Past psychiatric classifications (DSM-IV-TR) classify these disorders as somatoform disorders or psychological factors that affect general medical condition. The book reviewed deals with the mentioned problems mostly endocrinologie, oncologic, gastroenterological, dermatologie, and cardiologie patients have. A consultation-liaison psychiatrist who deals with these patients is often faced with a diagnostic dilemma how to classify psychiatric disorders in such somatic patients according to the valid classification DSM-IV-TR. So this is a praiseworthy book which brings recommendations for future classification of these problems in DSM-V classification. It should be noted that the editors, Pietro Porcelli and Nicoletta Sonino, as well as the authors of the texts in the book (e.g. Marco Rigatelli, Silvia Ferrari, Luigi Grassi, Giovanni Antonio Fava, and Angelo Picardi) are leading world experts in this field and guarantee the excellence of the texts. …


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