The 8th Alpe-Adria Conference on Alcoholism

Article excerpt

The 8 Alpe- Adria conference on alcoholism was held in Senigallia, Italy, on April 20th and 21st 2009. As we know, in alcoholism Alpe- -Adria represents a consensus conference for Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia-Her- zegovina and Hungary. Its aim is to strength- en communication and cooperation in the field of prevention and treatment of alcohol- ism. Within Alpe- Adria many joint research has been and is being done, educational and therapeutic experiences are exchanged and future events are planned. We can interpret this as a part of globalization, in our case Europeism, and as a foundation for coopera- tion between our nations in this field. This year's conference was held over a two-day period. During the first day there were three sections. In the first, named Alcohol and co- morbidity, there were seven lectures: J. Allen held a lecture entitled Evaluation of programs for alcoholics: state of the art; D. Buljan talked about Alcohol and psychiatric comorbidity; M. Clerici' s lecture was entitled Substance use comorbidity - epidemiologic and clinical implications from a national study; A. Kovak Mufic's lecture was Comorbidity of psycho- active substance abuse in first episode psy- chosis; M. De Rosa's was Alcoholic craving in narcissoid-omnipotent personality; A. Ma- tosic talked about Serotonin mechanism in Type II alcohol addicts; and M. E. Ridolfi about Comorbidity of severe personality dis- orders and substance abuse. The second sec- tion was about poly-dependences and it con- sisted of two subsections. The first, Alcohol and cocaine, consisted of three lectures, E. Velasquez's on Alcohol and cocaine concur- rent abuse: risks and consequences; A. Mos- ti' s titled Emergency Cocaine: therapeutic gui- dance; and M. Procopio's Cocaetilene. The second subsection was named Alcohol and Tobacco and it had two lectures: Tobacco and Alcohol Dependence - prevention, subgroups and treatment procedures by O. …


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