Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Quatre Mélodies De Ronsard

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Quatre Mélodies De Ronsard

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__________. QUATRE MÉLODIES DE RONSARD (Pierre de Ronsard, 1524-1585). Baritone Voice with Piano Accompaniment. CloudWalk Press, 2007 (CVR). Tonal-traditional keys with many modulations; B^sub 3^-F^sub 5^; Tess: M, CR; regular meters with some changes; ... = 54-108; V/M-mD, P/M-mD; 21 pages. Baritone specified, but website also lists mezzo soprano.

1. "Quand je te vois, seule." D minor; C^sub 4^-E^sub 5^; Tess: M; 4/4, ... = 58; V/Md, P/M; 6 pages.

2. "Bonjour mon coeur." C major with modulations; D^sub 4^-E^sub 5^; Tess: M; 4/4, With passionate and joyful abandon ... = 108; V/M, P/M; 5 pages.

3. "À sa guitare." Tonal; C^sub 4^-E^sub 5^; Tess: M; 4/4, Slowly ... = 54; V.M, P/M, 3 pages.

4. "Je suis homme, né pour mourir." Tonal on C; B^sub 3^-E^sub 5^; Tess: CR; 12/8, 9/8, 6/8, 4/4, 5/4, 2/4, Slowly, with assurance [sung] = 116; V/mD, P/mD; 7 pages.

Composed in 2007 and dedicated to Carol Kimball, Quatre Mélodies de Ronsard is a short cycle for baritone (or mezzo soprano) that expresses the sentiments of the poet in various emotional states induced by being in love, the most enduring one being unhappiness. "Quand je te vois, seule, assise . . ." reveals the poet's timidity in the face of his beloved's brilliant beauty: "Only my sighs, only my sad face speak for me; and such passion gives sufficient evidence of my love." Set in slow 4/4 meter, the vocal line flows smoothly and plaintively (and with appropriate agogic word stress for the French text) above a simple piano figuration that creates the mood of watching from afar. The piano part responds to the text with more movement at the poet's impulse to speak to his beloved, and indulges in tone painting of the beloved's brilliance and the poet's quivering soul. …

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